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RUSH: I have to get something off my chest here. For the past three days, I, El Rushbo, have been asking why California has not had more coronavirus cases and more coronavirus deaths. There are 40 million people. Let me give you some numbers here.

This is the number of COVID-19 cases per million population. And West Virginia number one, 106. There are no Chinese there to speak of. Nebraska, ditto. California, 248 cases per million population. Forty million people in California. The number of cases is statistically tiny compared to the size of that state. New York City, 4,312 cases per million population. This is cases, not deaths. I have the death number, too, but I’m not gonna go to that for a while.

My point is this. California, they’re already bragging about having flattened the curve out there. And I have my own theory about it. I think they’ve already gone through it. I think with all the Chinese arriving, five to 7,000 a day throughout December and January, I think a lot of people had this disease, didn’t know they had it, didn’t succumb to it, didn’t even have any symptoms to it, built up antibodies to it, we don’t know. But it didn’t spread as rapidly. But when you go to California and ask them about this, they have a different explanation.

Now, I’ve been asking why California hasn’t had more cases given the number of Chinese that come into that state, the large number of Chinese that live there. Well, California officials are saying it’s because they got a head start practicing social distancing. Okay. Well, when did they start social distancing? Are you ready to be a little surprised? California ordered social distancing only 13 days ago. They didn’t order social distancing in December. They didn’t order social distancing in January. California did not order social distancing in February. They ordered it 13 days ago.

Do you know when New York state ordered social distancing? Eleven days ago. We are supposed to believe that two days made all the difference in the number of cases between California and New York? California, again, 248 cases of COVID-19 per million population. New York, 4,312. California began social distancing two days before New York. De Blasio wouldn’t even shut down the schools until recently, you remember? I don’t know how two days of social distancing before New York started it, New York state started it, could have this big a difference. It just doesn’t jibe.

This time of year in California is warmer than New York. Almost nobody uses public transportation in much of California, particularly compared to the population center of New York state, which is New York City. The number of people walking on the streets in Los Angeles is infinitesimally small compared to the number of people walking on the streets in New York. Los Angeles is in fact a big, gigantic suburb with a little hub of a downtown where very few people live. And yet we’re being told that two days, a two-day head start in social distancing is the difference?

It can’t be. There have to be other reasons. Why won’t somebody be honest about what they are, what they possibly are? Well, because we’re being governed right now by social models, which tell us that social distancing is the only thing we can do. And in order to effect social distancing, we have to shut down.


RUSH: “So, Rush? So, Rush, what do you think is the answer in California?”

Okay. Let me just tell you what I think it is. I’m a layman. I’m just telling you what I think. I’m not a medical guy. I’m not telling you with ontological certitude. I think it is herd immunity that took place in California in December. A lot of people had something; they didn’t know what it was. It wasn’t flu. They lived through it. They got past it.

That’s what I think happened in California.

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