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RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 24. Andrew Cuomo today at his daily briefing for the people in New York…

CUOMO: You have projection models that have us hitting the apex, coming down from the apex. Models vary at how quickly you come down from the apex. But they all basically say you come down from the apex quickly. Models have it flattening out and continuing through the summer. How many lives lost?

There’s only one model that we look at that has the number of projected deaths, which is the IHME model, which is funded by the Gates Foundation. That is the model that suggests approximately 93,000 deaths across the country. That’s the model that I believe Dr. Fauci was referring to when he said about 100,000 deaths. By that, New York would be about 16,000 deaths.

RUSH: So this briefing from Governor Cuomo is why I suggest we’re now living under government by modeling, and he cites the IHME model funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that suggests approximately 93,000 deaths across the country. But, no. It’s gonna be a hundred thousand, maybe up to 140,000.


Grab audio sound bite number 7. This is a classic example to me of why the Drive-By Media ought not be anybody’s primary source for anything. This happened this morning on CNN’s New Day. Their chief business correspondent is Christine Romans, and she’s chatting with the business correspondent Julia Chatterley and one of the anchors. And there’s also John Harwood here, who’s worked at every left-wing media outlet there is, and they’re talking about the new unemployment filings.

ROMANS: It really is a job shock here. It just looks like a geyser going straight up.

CHATTERLEY: These are devastating numbers. I was just trying to get my arms around what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, and Philadelphia, the entire population, not just the working population, all claiming for unemployment benefits.

BERMAN: Normally it takes a huge recession like an epic recession, 2007, 2008, it takes months and months and months and months and months to achieve job losses like this. This is worse than, I think, the bad that most people expected.

RUSH: What?

HARWOOD: We have pulled the plug out from the American economy.

RUSH: What?

HARWOOD: And the result is an economic catastrophe. This is a nuclear bomb that’s been dropped on the American economy.

RUSH: Well, at least Harwood gets it. Do you hear the rest of these people at CNN? They’re not believing it. They can’t believe that having 88% of the country stay home results in this kind of unemployment. They’re stunned and shocked! Who are these people? What qualifies them to report on the economy if this is a shocking bit of news to them, that there are now 10 million people filing for unemployment compensation after three or four weeks of an ordered government shutdown?

And their only relative comparison point is the recession of 2007-2008, that (impression), “It normally takes weeks for these things, really takes months for these things to happen, Gretchen. Look…” We’re ordering people to stay home! They’re filing for unemployment, and the CNN business experts are stunned at how rapidly it’s happening?

No wonder they think I’m a nut when I say this is not sustainable. No wonder they think I’m a provocateur. Because the officials are never wrong. The officials and the authorities must always be listened to and never doubted.

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