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RUSH: New York City is now the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. With the city’s economy shut down, thousands of people infected, a makeshift hospital in Central Park — and millions of people scared to leave their homes — you’d think the New York Times would put partisan politics aside, at least temporarily. And you would be wrong.

Here’s the headline the editorial board ran with on Tuesday: “Coronavirus Doesn’t Care Where You Come From. Trump Still Does.”

Say what? See, the biggest problem right now, according to the New York Times, is that illegal immigrants are afraid that going to public health facilities might make it easier for ICE to track them down — and those hoping for a green card are worried that if they need government help, it might hurt their chances.

Now, these people, according to The New York Times, are more at the mercy of the pandemic than anybody else. Trump and his evil ICE agents are bigots. They’re horrible people, because they won’t declare health facilities “enforcement-free zones.”

In the fevered imaginations of New York Times editors, it’s as if Donald Trump and ICE are hanging around New York City emergency rooms, demanding coronavirus-infected people prove they’re here legally before they can get medical help.

These people are deranged. One day, this coronavirus will be gone, but liberals will still be Trump-deranged. That’s something, I guess, that’s not curable.

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