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RUSH: Florida Republican senator Rick Scott is calling for a Congressional investigation. He wants to know if the World Health Organization helped the ChiComs cover up the actual extent of the coronavirus.

Now, Senator Scott also wants Congress to look into whether America should keep funding the WHO. We cover 15% of their annual budget, which is more than anybody else contributes.

Sen. Scott says the WHO needs to be held accountable for helping to promote misinformation coming out of Communist China. The ChiComs lied about when they knew the coronavirus. They knew it was a problem, how many cases of they had, and how many deaths.

The WHO never investigated China’s claims – a lack of action that Senator Scott says cost lives. In fact, senior WHO officials praised the ChiComs for their handling of the pandemic, which created a false sense of security about how serious it really was. The head of the WHO got his job with the help of the Chinese!

Senator Scott, investigating all that is a fine idea. But you’re going to face an uphill battle. This is an election year. The Democrats in Congress and their allies in the Drive-By Media have one target in mind when it comes to all this. It isn’t China. It isn’t the World Health Organization. It’s President Trump. The truth about how this started and how it spread is the last thing on their minds, because they know — and they don’t want you to find out.

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