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RUSH: National Football League planning for a full season with full stadiums. During a conference call with reporters yesterday — this is Wednesday, right? Right. And I just want you to know, I have not yet attempted any more viewing of Tiger King. (interruption) You guys, you guys told me that once I started I would not be able to stop, that it was sick, it was depraved, it was whatever, I wouldn’t be able to turn away.

So I come here and tell you I barely got through the first episode. They said, “You got to get to episode 3.” Episode 3? You told me the first day that I’d be hooked on episode 1. Anyway, there’s a story in the New York Post today that Carol Baskin, who was one of the rivals, is now claiming she did not put her husband in a meat grinder. So what episode did that happen in? Anyway… (interruption) Well, I’m sure there are stories about it everywhere. But that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna get ensnared by it. Did you try Making a Murderer? Have you done that yet? I’m telling you. Why would you ignore a recommendation I make? (interruption) All right.

Anyway, during a conference call reporters held on Tuesday, NFL general counsel — that means lawyer, for those of you in Rio Linda — Jeff Pash said the league is planning for a full season. He said, “It’s my expectation. Am I certain? I’m not certain I’ll be here tomorrow, but I’m planning on it, I’m planning on a full season, full stadiums.” Well, I mean, the preseason of the NFL starts in August, so we will see.

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