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RUSH: This is Jefferson, Wisconsin. Steve, I’m glad you waited. You’re up next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Rush, I’ve been able to watch a few of the press briefings that they’ve had and the one on last night — and as an American, I am so disgusted with them people. They don’t care to learn anything that’s going on with this disease or anything. They don’t want to listen to the doctors. All they want to do is sit there and hopefully try to get President Trump on some kind of a gotcha.

That’s all they’re in there for, and it was just absolutely disgusting listening and watching them people. This president is managing every aspect of our lives, of this country. There isn’t enough brain cells in that press pool to manage a sidewalk lemonade stand, and it’s just absolutely horrid what they do to this man, Rush.

RUSH: Well, now, in this you’re right, but this is not unique press behavior. The press — other than Obama. They would never do this to Obama. They did this with George W. Bush all the time. One member of the press yesterday asked, “Do you think it was a mistake, President Trump, to” blah, blah. There was a press conference of an hour and 15 minutes with George W. Bush in his first term where every question:

“Why won’t you admit you’ve made mistakes?” They never ask Obama to name a mistake. They never asked him to admit a mistake. So with Democrat presidents, they kind of give them a pass, but it’s not unique to Trump. The specific that you’re citing — trying to trip up Republican presidents — is the order of the day.

It’s the coin of the realm for the Drive-By Media.

You’re right, nevertheless, and what I think irritates you is that this is a significant episode that this country’s going through. This is not a debate on Social Security extensions or what have you. This is not the usual contentious policy debate. This is about life or death — and they’re still trying to trip him up and screw him up. That’s what offends you, I think. Right?

CALLER: Yes. Well, Russia, Clinton, Ukraine could not take this man down, and the Woohoo flu (sic) is not gonna take him down either.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: He’s gonna come out of this triumphant.

RUSH: You mean to tell me you don’t believe the polls that show Joe Biden shellacking Trump in 25 counties out there, 25 districts that Trump needs to win?

CALLER: Joe who?

RUSH: (laughing) We’ll get into that. By the way, these polls? That’s another example of how the media is just (chuckles) laughably hopeful here. Joe Biden isn’t beating Trump. Why do you think they’re having these wet…? I’m sorry. Why do you think they’re having these orgasms over Cuomo? I mean, what more evidence do you need that they know Plugs isn’t the answer, that they’re salivating over Cuomo?

And, by the way, Cuomo does not have a prayer outside of New York. The fact that they need a hospital ship in New York? New York state ought to have hospitals up and running out the wazoo! The population of that state dictates it. That state is broke. You’ve got people fleeing that state!

If things were in order in that state, everybody’d want to stay because the pinnacle of treatment is supposedly in New York. People would want to stay. They’re fleeing. They’re trying to get out of there. Hospital shortages here and there. Cuomo may be doing some… Well, he was doing some pretty good briefings.

But I think even those have now been eclipsed by poor ones. Look, he’s trying his best; don’t misunderstand. But the idea that this guy somehow is the latest magic trick to come along and sweep Trump out of office? It’s not happening.

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