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RUSH: In the red state of Texas, Austin stands out as a far-left blue mecca. So it was with reluctance that the liberals who run the Austin city government canceled this year’s South by Southwest festival due to the coronavirus.

Now, the cancellation will hurt local business owners who depend on sales generated by the annual festival. But others are gonna lose out too.

It turns out the company behind South by Southwest won’t give refunds to the thousands of fans who bought tickets early.

According to the small print, South by Southwest has a very strict refund policy: Nobody who sent money is gonna get any money back for any reason. Illness. Acts of God. Travel problems. Terrorism. Even if you mistakenly make a duplicate purchase or lose your job! No dice. No refunds. Ever. Even if you get the coronavirus! 

Oh. The company also laid off a third of their staff, by the way. But they issued a caring statement claiming they’re just “devastated,” and they’re “working through the ramifications” of the cancellation.

Now, for you ticket holders, they’ll be working through those ramifications with your money. These guys are perfect liberals: They love your money way more than they’ll ever love you.

These people — the compassionate, the socially just, the always-fair leftists? They’re just as “greedy” as your average corporate CEO. Oops! These days, they are the average corporate CEOs — and even if you get cornonavirus, you’re still stuck!

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