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RUSH: I want to tell you a little bit about Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. He is a conservative.

He is at MIT. He ran in Massachusetts for the Senate. He ran against Fauxcahontas. He ran against Elizabeth Warren. He said he was the only real Indian in the race, and he was. He’s a smart guy, and, as a lot of smart guys are, he’s kind of on the edge. He can be a little nutty. But he’s not nutty on this. He has four degrees from MIT. “His undergraduate degree from MIT was in electrical engineering, computer science.

“He took a master’s degree in visual studies from the MIT Media Lab on scientific visualization, and concurrently he completed another master’s degree in mechanical engineering also from MIT. In 2007, he obtained a PhD in biological engineering from MIT in systems biology.” I’m mentioning all of this because I got a bunch of emails during the break. “Rush, you’re falling for it! This guy’s obviously a kook. He put a phony tweet out there and you’re falling for it!”

He’s not a kook, and he’s not phony. Look, I’m finding somebody other than myself that thinks there’s something really screwy about all this. I know the degree of hatred there is for Donald Trump that has not abated, and it permeates all sectors and areas of our country. It permeates business. It permeates professional sports. It permeates academia, as you know. It permeates all over Hollywood, and certainly the Democrat Party and the American left.

There is hatred for Trump, and they are frustrated to all get-out they haven’t been able to get rid of him. There is hatred for Trump on Wall Street, folks. There’s hatred for… I mean, Tom Steyer? Bloomberg? Look at these billionaires they hate the guy. Most of them are just jealous. You think Steyer and Bloomberg wouldn’t sacrifice two or three billion if they couldn’t get rid of Trump doing it?

Steyer already tried, and Bloomberg did, too, with $500 million. But do you think they wouldn’t undergo a hit or two in order to get rid of the guy? You know, and some of these powerbrokers at the NBA — and the NBA is in bed with China, for crying out loud! I will guarantee you, the Chinese have no love lost for Trump because Trump is squaring the trade deals that they have had advantaged over us for years.

Trump is finally ending the one-way street the trade deals have been between the U.S. and China. China cannot be happy. They hate Trump. So I just wanted to pass on to you this MIT biologist, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, has tweeted that he doesn’t understand it, either. There wasn’t any panic, there wasn’t any shutdowns of anything, there wasn’t anything but praise for the president when 18,000 people died from the swine flu!

When 60 million were infected and 300,000 were hospitalized, there wasn’t one bit of criticism for the president. We didn’t shut a thing down. Now he’s come along, and he thinks that the media and the deep state — and that’s his term; he’s using it in his tweet — are doing the world a disservice by exaggerating the impact of the virus. He said it’s time to stop scaring people. This is fearmongering, that it’s causing more damage to our citizens in the health care system than this virus ever could.

He thinks it’s gonna go down as the biggest fraud to manipulate economies that has happened in our lifetimes and maybe longer, and potentially cause more damage to our citizens and our health care system. Ari Fleischer — you know, he was the press secretary for George W. Bush. Ari Fleischer just tweeted, “‘There will be a pandemic. And it will have the potential to bring humanity to its knees.’ So began a promo I just saw for a show that will air on CNN.

“This type of promo is the kind of irresponsible fear mongering that should be avoided. CNN should change its advertising.” Come on! Stop dreaming, Ari. What do you mean, CNN should change its advertising? CNN should go off the air. The only way to to fix CNN is for CNN to go off the air, for whoever owns it to shut it down. Not gonna change anything. So, he’s watching CNN and they’re promoing something about this pandemic. “There will be a pandemic. And it will have the potential to bring humanity to its knees.”

This is so irresponsible.

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