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RUSH: Today on the Fox News Channel, Fox & Friends, Ainsley Earhardt… They had a segment with a recovered coronavirus patient by the name of Jerri Jorgensen. Jerri Jorgensen is 65, and she’s recovered from the coronavirus.




Not only that, they featured a photo of her on a cruise ship, and she’s wearing a Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt. She’s from the EIB Network universe. Here is the audio sound bite. There’s Jerri Jorgensen with Ainsley Earhardt who says, “We’re hearing that 80% of the cases are mild to moderate. Tell us about your case. What was it like to have coronavirus?”

JORGENSEN: I had a slight fever the night before they took me off the cruise ship. Very slight. Wasn’t even a hundred degrees. And felt a little bit off for the two or three hours, and that was my only symptom throughout the whole time, the whole quarantine up to now. It wasn’t a big deal to me at all. I’m 65. My husband is younger than I am, but he’s on anti-rejection drugs. He’s had two kidney transplants, and he has not had any symptoms. The hysteria has just gotten out of control. Choose every day to stay positive. It’s so much inner attitude.

RUSH: Jerri Jorgensen, 65, had the disease for three hours and got over it. No big deal. And they had a picture of her on the cruise that she showed, and she’s wearing a Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt. That’s why we noticed it in addition to the substance of what she said.

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