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RUSH: Here is Pat in Anaheim, California. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. I’m just calling about the stock market. I wanted to explain that I’m a total ignoramus when it comes to that. To me, up is good; down is bad. But I have learned from listening every day that when the stock market goes way up, it’s gonna come way down sooner or later and vice-versa.

So when I hear the stock market’s down 2,000 points, I don’t panic anymore. I don’t think, “Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no!” I know that it’s going to go up. Sooner or later, that stock market’s going up, and I’m not afraid anymore. I think I’m just like the average person who listens every day and realizes that those ups and downs are just part of the game.

RUSH: You know, you’re very mature and very shrewd, and there’s a way of proving what you instinctively know.

CALLER: I didn’t instinctively know it. I learned it by listening, and I listen to you.

RUSH: Well, you instinctively know it now. You trust it.


RUSH: And the fact is, you can go back and look where the stock market was in 2018 and look where it is now.


RUSH: It’s up. Go look at it in 2005 versus where it is now. It’s up. Go look at it where it was in 2009 versus where it is. It’s up. It’s only down in relation to the past few months.

CALLER: Exactly. I don’t panic when I hear that.

RUSH: Exactly, because you know that if you just wait, if you just hang in, it’s gonna be back up.

CALLER: Yes. And, by the way, I wanted to let you know, I’ve been listening to you since before Ross Perot. When he came along, I fired the Democrats and joined the patriot party. And to me, Donald Trump is Ross Perot with an edge. They both had the same views on the same issues.

RUSH: They’re fairly close on a lot of things. You are absolutely right.


RUSH: One other thing about the market going down. I don’t usually do this, but there are some stocks right now that are so cheap that if you buy stock — if you do that, if you invest in the stock market — there are some deals out there today that you couldn’t have gotten five weeks ago that you’re gonna get rich on when this recovery happens. Anyway, thanks for the call.

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