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RUSH: Last month, the Supreme Court’s self-described “wise Latina,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor, wrote an angry dissent after a case didn’t go her way. She accused the court’s conservative majority of putting their thumbs on the scales of justice, by ruling in favor of the Trump administration too often.

Last week, the Senate Democrat Leader, Chuck You Schumer, did something we’ve never seen before in America. At a rally, he threatened two justices, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. He warned they had “released the whirlwind,” and would “pay the price.” They “wouldn’t know what hit them,” he said, if they voted the wrong way on an abortion case.

Now we have rebellion on a federal Appeals Court. Judge Lynn Adelman, a Clinton appointee, has accused the Supreme Court’s conservatives of undermining American democracy, favoring corporations, hurting minorities, weaponizing the First Amendment, and hurting the poor with their rulings.

He attacked Senate Republicans for squelching the nomination of Merrick Garland. He had the gall to compare Republican Senators to pro-slavery southerners during the Civil War.

Judge Adelman’s attacks are clearly partisan, and leave little doubt that a conservative could get a fair hearing in his courtroom.

But when a Democrat leader can get away with threatening Supreme Court Justices, I guess we should expect this kind of reprobate behavior from other leftists in robes — and the coronavirus.

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