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RUSH: There’s something I’ve had in The Stack today that I haven’t had the chance to get to that I’m gonna get to now because this news is starting to trickle out about other things. And this is nothing that you and I haven’t known. In fact, this should infuriate you, and when you put it in the same context and timeline of this coronavirus story, then it ought to open some eyes.

Now, this particular story is from John Solomon. Here’s the headline: “FBI’s Russia collusion case fell apart in first month of Trump presidency, memos show.” Mollie Hemingway has a tweet here saying the Mueller team knew almost immediately upon revelation of the Trump Tower meeting that nothing happened. We know there was nothing to it! This is why the whole thing was so frustrating. We know there was no collusion. We know they had no evidence. We know the day Mueller took the job to do the Mueller investigation, he shows up, he asks for the file, “Let me see the file on the Russians.”

The FBI agents say, “Sorry, Mr. Mueller, there isn’t anything in the file. There aren’t any Russians.” We’ve known from day one that this thing was made up, that this was a coup, that it was a hoax. So now here we are four years later, and the news is coming out officially because memos have been discovered that these people were writing back and forth to each other that they knew it was a hoax, and they carried this on for two years through an election, the 2018 midterms, anyway.

We told you this was the case. Democrats in and out of the deep state have been gunning for Donald Trump before he took office. It has never stopped. They are gunning for him today with the coronavirus. The Wuhan, China, virus is just the latest opportunity these people are using to smear Trump. Here is the upshot of the story.

“FBI’s Russia collusion case fell apart in first month of Trump presidency, memos show.” Memos show that these FBI agents knew that Flynn had not colluded with anybody, that the Steele dossier was a pack of lies. They knew that in January 2017. Comey knew the Steele dossier was a pack of lies when he presented it to Trump. This is two years before Mueller announced that all this stuff was not true. They knew it. They did a useless two-year investigation for nothing. And now people are in jail for it.

“The piecemeal release of FBI files in the Russia collusion investigation has masked an essential fact: James Comey’s G-men had substantially debunked the theory that Donald Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia,” by the time he was being inaugurated. They knew when Trump was inaugurated that this story was bogus, that there was nothing to it. I maintain they knew it before that. But the point is that memos back and forth between Comey and all these other charlatans in the FBI, they knew full well.

They did a phony, useless two-year investigation headed by Mueller as a figurehead hoping to create crimes, hoping to frighten Trump and Trump people into committing crimes that they could get ’em on then. Or that they could falsely accuse people of process crimes, you name it. This is exactly what we thought it was, and they knew it. And I tell you, folks, I am agitated because this is the ripest, the most outrageous political scandal. People need to be in jail for a long time. They need to be right there next to Harvey. If Weinstein’s there for 23 years, then put these people there at the same time.

“The proof is now sitting in plain view. In rapid fire sequence in January 2017, U.S. officials: received multiple warnings about the credibility of informant Christopher Steele and his dossier; affirmed key targets of the FBI counterintelligence investigation made exculpatory statements denying collusion.” Meaning, there was evidence they didn’t do it that was ignored. And they “concluded retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser, was not engaged in collusion with the Russians,” and he’s still waiting to be sentenced.

His life has been ruined by these people, and they knew he never did diddly-squat in the same type of mentality as running this coronavirus crap, folks, against Donald Trump. Make no mistake about it.


RUSH: Yeah, folks, I’m sorry. I get really, really, really ticked off at this stuff, and it keeps repeating, they keep recycling this stuff, and everybody just falls for it hook, line, and sinker. And I just long for the day when these people pay the big price for it. I just hope they do.

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