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RUSH: Sacramento, my adopted hometown. This is Matthew. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, the only thing that’s infectious is your passion to push against this madness. We know that the number one battlefield is that of the mind, and we cannot afford to cede any more rational, common sense ground to the madness of the left. So with that said, what I want to bring is on-the-ground real-time info here in Sacramento, Nuttyfornia. I was just in a pediatric pulmonologist’s office a few days ago with my daughter and, you know, the nurses are not worried. They’re basically rolling their eyes.

I’m asking them about coronavirus. I even asked the doctor what she thought. She said, “Listen, we’ve been dealing with coronavirus for decades. You know, you can go back and see that it can be traced back to 4,000 BC.” So it’s nothing new. They’re not concerned. They know how to treat common cold and flu and viruses and things of that nature. And so it’s impossible not to see the political angle. It’s impossible not to see the attack upon the mind.

You know, we know that when someone is in a state of fear, they do irrational things and they can be manipulated like no other, especially, for instance, parents who try to make medical decisions based on fear. It’s the worst possible position to be in. And so I’m just trying to bring some reason much like you are that it’s not that bad. You know, we know how to deal with these things. So, I mean, I could go on.

RUSH: No, I get it. We do deal with these things. We’re the United States of America. There’s no better place to be in the world any day of the week than the U.S., including today, including right now. There’s no better place in the world to be, for whatever reason you want to be someplace. And everybody has to be somewhere. And the United States is not a bad place to be.

I also want to thank you. The way you started off this phone call is worthy of making a promo out of. He said the only thing that is infectious today is your passion opposing the madness of this. I appreciate compliments like that. That’s worthy of a promo. We should roll that off. “The only thing infectious today is your passion opposing the madness.”

By the way, he’s right. Folks, you may not know this or not, but I’ve had occasion recently to be in the company of a whole bunch of doctors. It may surprise you. You don’t know about — time goes by, but my treatment for cancer was delayed a week. I didn’t tell anybody this ’cause I caught the flu. The doctor put me in the hospital immediately when he saw a fever of 103. This is just four weeks or five weeks ago now.

I was in the hospital for two days. I got over it fast. They flooded me with fluids. I spent the whole time talking about coronavirus. They pooh-poohed it. “Even if it were, we could deal with it. What you’ve got here, this strain of flu, we gotta get a handle on this far more than if you had the coronavirus. The coronavirus is something -”

I have been dealing with doctors more so in the last two months than I have combined in my life, and every time I meet with doctors I ask ’em about the coronavirus, and I haven’t found one yet that, just like Matthew said here, it’s out there, they’re dealing with it, but I haven’t found anybody reacting in panic. “Coronavirus? You said coronavirus? Let me go get my mask.” That hasn’t happened.

They put a mask on me when I had the flu. And everybody in the hospital wore hazmat suits, the nurses and all that. But literally, I’ve been asking doctors, nurses, about it, and I can’t get a rise out of anybody about it. And not just here in Florida. You know, I have doctors everywhere. Well, I mean, not everywhere. But in a wide geographical swath.

So Matthew is right. His anecdotal story I can back it up. He’s taken his daughter to the hospital or to doctor’s offices in Sacramento. “What about coronavirus?” Nah, nothing to sweat. I tell you, watch the media, and then go talk to medical professionals, you’re gonna get two totally different takes. If you want some sanity, turn the media off, turn off television for two days. I’m not kidding you. Do not watch the news for two days. Your attitude — and this works any two days of the year anyway, but particularly during intense media stories like this one.

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