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RUSH: Bernie Sanders might be crazy, but unlike Joe Biden, at least he can remember what he’s running on, in order to win the Democrat nomination.

Now this week, Crazy Bernie made it clear he’s going to run on Medicare-for-All, distinguishing himself from Joe Biden. Bernie says Biden wants to maintain a cruel and dysfunctional health care system. He must be talking about Obamacare, since that’s still in place.

But between Bernie and Biden, the New York Times has clearly chosen sides. On Monday, they ran an article with the headline: “Even If Sanders Wins, Medicare-for-All Almost Certainly Won’t Happen.” According to the Times, it’s fantasy. It’s crazy talk.

The Times points out that Medicare-for-All only has 14 Democrat Senate backers. Just 119 of the 435 House members support it, and almost none of the supporters are those elected in the last election cycle, which put Democrats in control. Even Speaker Nancy Pelosi is against it.

The upshot is that Crazy Bernie’s $34 trillion Medicare-for-All plan could never make through a Democrat Congress. It’d be dead on arrival.

So this New York Times article is a loud-and-clear shout-out to the young progressive wing of the party: “Sit down, shut up, and take your lumps, it’s not your turn. Crazy Bernie is out; Joe Biden is going to be the guy. You don’t have a prayer! Leave us alone.

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