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RUSH: Immigration enforcement agents are under attack again. This time, they’re being slammed for detaining illegal aliens close to the time they take their children to school.

In Portland, Oregon, ICE agents busted an illegal immigrant dad shortly after his kids got on the school bus in the morning. In Philadelphia, an illegal immigrant mom was picked up shortly after she dropped her kid off at school. In Colorado, other illegal immigrants were detained before and after taking their kids to school.

Now, that just won’t do. Jordan Garcia, a spokesman for the American Friends Service Committee of Colorado, calls the tactic “cruel.” He says it violates the policies that call for ICE to be “sensitive” about when and where they pick up illegal aliens. The point of those policies, Mr. Garcia says, is to prevent community members and children from being traumatized by witnessing ICE enforcement in action.

Other activists say this is all President Trump’s doing. They say that he is trying to scare illegal immigrants into leaving the country voluntarily — which is really mean.

No, and no. ICE isn’t being cruel, and the president isn’t hiding behind ulterior motives. It’s simple. President Trump and ICE are just enforcing the law. It’s shocking leftist activists because they’re not used to it! This never happened under eight years of Barack Hussein O, particularly on illegal immigration. So it looks like what it is: Enforcement. It’s not pretty.

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