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RUSH: Now, there’s polling data out there in the Democrat primary. Pelosi’s out there assuring everybody that she’ll support the nominee. Don’t believe that. The Democrat Party is still trying to figure out how to undermine Bernie Sanders. Do not believe them when they say they’re gonna support whoever the nominee is, because they’re thinking it isn’t gonna be him. That’s why she’s saying it. Anyway, Plugs is up 36% to 16% over Sanders in the latest Monmouth poll, South Carolina. The margin of error is almost 5%, though.


RUSH: You know what I love? I love the Democrats. I love the idea that people that can’t even run the Iowa caucuses and count the votes properly think that they could better run the reaction to the coronavirus than Donald Trump. They can’t even count the votes in Iowa. They’re still not sure what happened in Iowa, but these are the people that are gonna run the medical response to the coronavirus? And I’m gonna tell you something else.

The coronavirus is challenging two major tenets of liberalism. One tenet of liberalism is that climate change is the biggest threat the world faces, when in fact a warmer world might cut down on these viruses. Number two, they’re saying we should all use public transportation and live in large, densely packed cities to help fight climate change. (laughing) Really? (laughing)

You know what else is happening in South Carolina? Bernie Sanders supporters have found out where Democrat Party officials live in Charleston and other South Carolina cities. They’re going to their homes at midnight with Al Sharpton-type megaphones and harassing them from outside the front door of the house — and you know why they’re doing this? There’s a poll out today, a new Monmouth poll of likely Democrat South Carolina primary voters, that has Biden at 36%, Crazy Bernie at 16%, Tom Steyer at 15%, Fauxcahontas at 8%, Buttigieg at 6%, and Klobuchar 4%.

Now, the margin of error is almost 5%, and 713 voters have been surveyed here. These Bernie supporters think this poll is rigged. They think South Carolina is being rigged against Crazy Bernie, and they are out there after midnight with Al Sharpton megaphones harassing Democrat Party officials outside their homes. I’m gonna tell you, if Bernie Sanders does not get this nomination, there is gonna be an all-out revolution in the Democrat Party. If he doesn’t get this nomination, if they try to take it away from him with superdelegates or something at the convention, it’s gonna burn.

These Bernie Sanders people, they’re not gonna let it happen twice. They know he got rigged in 2016 for Hillary Clinton, and they think that the party — and, by the way, who can blame them? Who can? All you have to do is listen to a Democrat debate and listen to all these people talk about how with Bernie as the nominee, the party would lose everything and every Democrat in their right mind knows that. Bernie would lose big. Down ballot the Democrats would lose big. It’s not that the Democrats disagree with Bernie on policy.

This is the thing that everybody’s gotta understand. It’s just they think that Bernie, because he is so open about all of it, is gonna lose in a landslide. That’s why they don’t want Bernie to be the nominee. Bernie’s supporters… Did you hear? By the way, I forgot to make mention of this. Did you hear what Bernie did during his segment in the debate where he promised to legalize dope? Now, wait a minute. He promised to legalize marijuana.

So he’s gonna retire student loan debt and he’s gonna make marijuana legal. Is it any wonder his supporters are all for him? Free weed, free education, no student loan debt (he’s gonna retire it), and then you know what he said? He said as a way of getting even with past discrimination, what he’s gonna do is he’s only gonna allow African-American and Hispanic businesses to sell legal marijuana. (interruption) That’s what he said. (interruption)

Who cares whether it’s unconstitutional! He said that he’s gonna make sure that other groups do not get in on the massive business of selling legal marijuana. It’s gonna be exclusive to African-Americans and Latinos. There was one other minority group in there. Not Indians ’cause they got the casinos already, so it was… (interruption) That’s right! That’s exactly right. The dope deal, legal dope dealers are gonna be African-Americans and Hispanics.

I don’t know what he’s gonna make you wear when you sell the stuff, but that’s what he said he was gonna do. He’s gonna legalize marijuana — and, by the way, Klobuchar agreed with it. Klobuchar… They all agreed with legalizing marijuana. It’s a gateway drug, folks. It’s a bad move. But they’re still gonna do it. Every Democrat’s promising it. I don’t know about Doomberg, but then he made a point of saying — and he thought he was spreading the…

He’s gonna deny whoever is in… I need to get the bite. I need to get the bite or the transcript, because in addition to saying that the only people gonna be allowed to legally sell marijuana after it’s legal are African-Americans and Hispanics, there was a third minority group. But he also mentioned others from whom he’s gonna take it away from because it hasn’t been fair. Not just the sale of marijuana. (interruption)

Oh, no, she didn’t say anything about Indians getting the short end of that stick, no. (impression) Elizabeth Warren? She… (impression) No. Nobody said anything! He’s sitting there he’s waving his arms around the way he does. (impression) “One other thing! One other thing we’re gonna do: Make sure that we legalize marijuana and only African-Americans and Hispanics are gonna be able to legally sell it.” Yay! The crowd went nuts. I’m thinking, the guy is perpetuating a stereotype that African-Americans are gonna continue to be legalized deep dealers under the Bernie Sanders administration.

Anyway, I’m sure that Cookie is hustling through the transcript of the debate trying to find the bite even now.

Folks, these Bernie… There’s video of it. These Bernie people are running around harassing Democrat Party officials at their homes with the Al Sharpton megaphone shouting insults at ’em, shouting threats at them — including African-American Democrat Party officials. (impression) “If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, then your house is gonna burn! If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, the party’s gonna” whatever they’re saying out there.


RUSH: Okay, we got the Bernie bite from the Democrat debate Tuesday night in Charleston, South Carolina. Listen to this, folks.

SANDERS: We have a criminal justice system today that is not only broken, it is —

RUSH: Hold it a minute. Hold it, ho-ho-ho. Stop the tape. That’s not what my transcript says. It should say, “I do believe that on day one we will change the federal control.” Sound bite 25. Is that what you just hit, sound bite 25? (interruption) Well, hit it again, let’s see what happens.

BERNIE: We have a criminal justice system today that is not only broken, it is racist. Got more people in jail than any other country on earth, including —

RUSH: Hang on a minute. Stick with it here.

BERNIE: — China. One of the reasons for that is a horrific war on drugs. So I do believe on day one —

RUSH: This is it.

BERNIE: — we will change the federal Controlled Substance Act —

RUSH: This is it.

BERNIE: — which, if you can believe it, now equates heroin with marijuana. That’s insane. We’re gonna take marijuana out of that and effectively legalize marijuana in every state of the country. What we are also gonna do is move to expunge the records of those people arrested for possession of marijuana. And I’ll tell you what else we’re gonna do. We’re gonna provide help to the African-American, Latino, Native American community to start businesses to sell legal marijuana rather than let a few corporations control the legalized marijuana market.

RUSH: So there you have it, Bernie Sanders is gonna pimp out the legal marijuana market to African-Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans. And he’s gonna do this rather than let a few evil corporations control the market for legal marijuana. Don’t you just love this? And they say that Republicans are racist? And this is Bernie Sanders. This is an example of uplift.

(imitating Sanders) “We’re gonna expunge the records. Everybody that’s got a marijuana conviction, gonna expunge ’em, gonna legalize marijuana. No longer gonna be equated with heroin. That’s crazy. It’s stupid. And then blacks and Mexicans are the only ones that are gonna be allowed to sell the legal marijuana.” That’s what he’s saying. “And Indians, too, like Elizabeth Warren will get a legal marijuana franchise, if she applies and if I say she qualifies.”

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