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RUSH: When the Harvey Weinstein verdict came down, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was at the Berlin Film Festival. She was promoting a documentary series about her life that’s coming out on Hulu March 6 — three days after Super Tuesday.

At a Berlin press conference, she was asked about the Weinstein verdict, the Democrat primaries, and the rise of Crazy Bernie.

Mrs. Bill Clinton — the most cheated on woman in the world — who rigged her primary race against Crazy Bernie in 2016 and recently claimed nobody likes Bernie, said she’ll wait and see who Democrats nominate. But she promised she’ll support whoever it is, even if it’s Bernie, because what matters is getting rid of Donald Trump.

Well, then the foreign press asked what she thought of the Weinstein verdict, given his strong support for her over the years. Deflecting questions of Weinstein’s huge campaign donations to her, Hillary pointed out that Weinstein supported every Democrat, including John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) and Barack Hussein O.

Then she addressed the Weinstein rape convictions. “I think the jury’s decision speaks for itself,” she said. “It was time for an accounting, and the jury clearly found that.”

Yeah, okay, stop laughing. Yes, she is the most unaccountable woman in American politics, and her unaccountable husband’s sexual history is every bit bad as Harvey Weinstein’s. But she’s Hillary, folks. Those facts will never make it into her documentary. Talk about a woman living in denial — and with big ankles.

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