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RUSH: Yesterday I told you about the legal hissy fit thrown by the “Wise Latina,” Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. She was furious at the Supreme Court’s emergency ruling that allows the Trump Administration to deny green cards to welfare recipients. The Wise Latina is mad that elections have consequences.

Now there’s more court news, folks, and this is delicious. On Monday, a federal appeals court sided with the Trump Administration on the so-called “gag rule.” The court refused to block a Trump rule that limits what federally funded family-planning providers can tell patients about abortion procedures. Judge Sandra Ikuta, cited Supreme Court precedent supporting similar rules in 1988, under President Ronaldus Magnus.

This is a good decision. But that’s not the reason it’s so delicious. The fun part is where the ruling was made. This decision in favor of the Trump Administration came from the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, formerly known as the “Ninth Circus.” Trump’s flipped it!

Over the weekend, the LA Times ran a panicked article about the “shockwaves” reverberating through the legal world because of the many appointments Trump has made to the Ninth Circuit. He has flipped it from a radical leftist court to one that more often rules in favor of the Constitution.

Liberals are in shock and that is delicious because elections do have consequences.

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