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Feb 24, 2020


Breitbart: Bernie Sanders Praises Fidel Castro: ‘It’s Unfair to Simply Say Everything Is Bad’
National Review: Bernie’s Huge Victory
Daily Wire: Cooper Grills Sanders For Not Knowing Cost Of His Plans. Sanders Responds With Nonsense
DeadLine: Harvey Weinstein Guilty Of Rape And Criminal Sexual Assault; Acquitted On Predatory Charges
Federalist: The ‘Russia Is Stealing The Election For Trump’ Craze Is Back For 2020
CNBC: Dow Drops More Than 900 Points as Coronavirus Cases Outside of China Surge
CNN: US Intelligence Briefer Appears to Have Overstated Assessment of 2020 Russian Interference
FOXNews: No Evidence of Russian ‘Play’ to Help Trump, Briefer May Have ‘Overstated’ Intelligence, Official Says
The Flight 93 Election: The Election of 2016 Will Test Whether Virt? Remains in the Core of the American Nation
The Hill: Clyburn Rejects Claim That South Carolina Voters Won’t Support Sanders’ Democratic Socialism
FOXNews: Who is Richard Grenell, the New Acting Director of National Intelligence?
New York Post: Richard Grenell Now Highest-Ranking Openly Gay Official in US Government History
NewsBusters: As Sanders Surges, Panicked CBS Grills Socialist on Castro, Being Rich
HotAir: “Shock Wave”: LA Times Troubled By Trump’s “Flipping” Of The 9th Circuit
American Greatness: The Coming and Welcome Clash of Bernie and Trump – Eric Lendrum
Politico: Iowa Democrats Will Recount More Than 20 Caucus Precincts
Politico: Buttigieg Claims Inconsistencies In Nevada Results
FOXNews: AIPAC Blasts Sanders After 2020 Frontrunner Says He’ll Skip Conference


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