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RUSH: On Friday, the Supreme Court issued a key 5-to-4 ruling. It allows the Trump Administration’s “public charge rule” to take effect nationwide, while the appeals are still being litigated.

The public charge rule makes it harder for immigrants to get green cards if they use public benefits like food stamps or housing vouchers. It favors people coming into America who are self-sufficient.

It’s the way our legal immigration system used to work, before liberal Democrats turned it into an international welfare program.

The ruling did not sit well with the self-described “wise Latina” on the Supreme Court. That would be Justice Sonia Sotomayor. “Soda Mayor” for those of you in Rio Linda. She issued an angry dissent, chewing out the five justices who ruled in favor of the public charge rule.

Sotomayor blasted the Trump administration for asking the court to take the case on an emergency basis, while the case is ongoing. She also slammed the conservative Supreme Court justices for taking it. She accused them of having a bias favoring Trump “putting a thumb on the scale in favor of the party that won.”

I guess Justice Sotomayor isn’t as wise as she thinks she is. As a result of Trump’s nominations to the Supreme Court, the four liberals are now outnumbered most of the time. Elections have consequences, oh wise one. That’s life, and you’re on the short end for the first time in a while. How’s it feel?

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