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RUSH: So what was the date? It was January 22nd. It was after this impeachment thing bombed out, what did I tell you? What did I tell you? I told you to be on the lookout because there is gonna be something come down the pike. There are 10 months left, and even though impeachment blew up on ’em, there’s gonna be something else. And I’m kicking myself. I’m kicking myself for not realizing what it was gonna be. I mean, I mentioned it in a list of possibilities. But I’m stupid. I should have realized they’re gonna go straight back to Russia. And they’ve done it.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny South Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Folks, it just doesn’t get any better than this. You gotta learn to look at this and laugh at it and smile and understand how to appreciate it and realize that it means the other side has literally gone insane, including the Never Trumpers, the Democrats, and the Drive-By Media.

Great to have you with us. It is Open Line Friday. You know what that means? It means you can talk about whatever you want to. You may think that’s the way it is Monday through Thursday, but it isn’t. But on Friday it is. So anything you want to talk about, have at it. Here’s the phone number. And we try to take more phone calls on Friday. Number is 800-282-2882. Email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

So I have been laughing uproariously this morning every time I tune in to the Drive-By Media. Let’s see. The Democrats have had a disastrous couple of weeks now. The Hawkeye Cauci — do you know that Crazy Bernie is demanding a recount of the some of the Hawkeye Cauci votes? This was two weeks ago, Snerdley, and they still are not sure who won. That is an absolute disaster.

Why aren’t the Russians responsible for that? I mean, that is a direct Democrat fiasco. And you would think that would be made to order for these clowns to claim the Russians did it. But they haven’t. They haven’t alluded to the Russians or Trump having anything to do with the fact that they can’t even count their own freaking votes.

So the Hawkeye Cauci fiasco. And then that bloodbath fiasco of a debate a couple nights ago in Nevada. So it is clear to everybody, it’s clear to everybody on the left, Trump will almost certainly be reelected. Bloomberg has blown it. Crazy Bernie is just so unacceptable to everybody in the Democrat Party, except most of their voters. The voters love the guy. The party establishment hates the guy. But he scored the big fundraising take after that debate.

I told you people. I warned you: Do not laugh at what Crazy Bernie is saying because there are Democrats across this country lapping it up, and they sent him record amounts of money. Well, not record. But the most amounts of money considering all the other candidates and what they raised. So now it’s time for the media to start claiming the Russians are gonna meddle in the election in 2020 because that’s part of what the impeachment fiasco was all about. And I predicted all of it.

I gotta be honest. I didn’t specifically predict that they would go back and — maybe I did. I didn’t on January 22nd. I say so much, and so much of it is so correct and so right that sometimes even when I think I’m wrong, I end up being right. So I probably did predict this and just don’t exactly remember.

But here we are, voila. The New York Times, in addition to — Dawn, they’ve got an op-ed today written by the Taliban leader. They have given an op-ed section of their newspaper to the leader of the Taliban. And the reasoning is, “Well, we’re on the verge of a peace deal with the Taliban. The Trump administration on the verge of a peace deal, why not -” I think they’re now consuming their brains, and along with this, their intelligence. Their IQ, their EQ is melting. They’re consuming themselves.

So, in addition to granting the Taliban space for an op-ed in the New York Times, they have a front page column this morning, dictated by Adam Schiff, I’m sure, that says intelligence officials have warned House lawmakers last week that Russia is interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get Trump reelected.

Now, this news is from last week, but Schiff and the New York Times are trotting it out now because they realize the Democrat Party is imploding, there isn’t anybody that can beat Trump. And so now it’s time to start trying to taint the Trump campaign and have people finally turn against him. They have been trying for four years to get you, who support Trump, to turn against him. It’s not gonna work.

There is a line of people as we speak in Las Vegas preparing to get into a Trump rally. It is a rare daytime Trump rally. They got Drive-By reporters going up and down that line asking people, “If Jesus Christ was running against Trump, would you vote for Jesus or Trump?” And they’re saying Trump. No matter who they are given as an opponent to Trump, Trump is being answered affirmatively by everybody the Drive-Bys are talking to in that line in Las Vegas.

So this effort which has been going on, as I say, for four years to get Trump voters to abandon him, it isn’t gonna work. And does anybody really believe — okay. You’re Vladimir Putin. And you’re surveying the American scene. You got Trump, who is acing the ChiComs on trade deals. He’s acing the Mexicans. He’s acing the Filipinos, the South Koreas, everybody. Trump is reordering American trade deals and making them much more favorable and fair to the United States.

Trump has rebuilt the U.S. military. It’s stronger than it’s been in years. That scares the hell out of Vladimir Putin. We’re to believe that Vladimir Putin wants this guy reelected when it’s possible to have somebody who honeymooned in Moscow as the president of the United States? That would be Crazy Bernie.

Anybody in their right mind would know that Vladimir Putin would much prefer Crazy Bernie be president than another four years of Donald Trump. How stupid do they think we are? Crazy Bernie loves Moscow, loves Havana, loves communism. And Putin wants Trump?

And somebody was on MSNBC, I’m not even gonna mention the name, but PMSNBC is now calling Trump a Putin agent. Because of this story, Trump is back to being a Russian spy. He’s a traitor. He is a Russian agent. We have the audio sound bite, a media montage. This is after the disastrous debates, audio sound bite number 2, the Drive-Bys have gone back to Russia.

WOLF BLITZER: Breaking news, the New York Times now reporting that Russia is interfering in the presidential election to try to get President Trump re-elected.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Good morning, America on this Friday morning, new evidence Russia interfering in our elections again.

PETER ALEXANDER: Russia is interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Trump re-elected.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Russia, trying to interfere in the 2020 presidential campaign in a bid to get President Trump re-elected.

CHUCK TODD: Russia was already interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Trump re-elected.

BRET BAIER: There’s a report tonight, Russia backs Trump’s re-election.

KATTY KAY: Russia is trying to meddle in America’s election.

ARI MELBER: Russia is now interfering in the 2020 election.

NORAH O’DONNELL: Vladimir Putin is at it again, trying to interfere in this year’s presidential campaign. Russia is actively working to get President Trump re-elected.

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: The President is a Russian operative. And it is Vladimir Putin’s greatest achievement.

RUSH: That’s Lawrence O’Donnell, PMSNBC. I didn’t know we had it on the sound bites. Cookie snuck it in there. You know, I’ve got this MSNBC ban, and Cookie resents it ’cause there’s gold mines, she thinks, on PMSNBC. But I don’t want to promote those clowns, so she sneaks O’Donnell here in the montage and I can’t do anything about it except call it out. But it’s okay, because I told you he had said it. I just didn’t mention the name. Now, folks, can I take you back to…?

Who are we talking about? These intelligence agency people, who are they? This is the deep state. These are the people that told us there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And you know my theory about this, and if you are new to the program — and gobs and gobs of you are. (sigh) I have to tell you, we are setting records for website membership subscribers. I can’t thank you all enough. There are people tuning into this program every day that are listening for the first time.

Let me repeat. Please indulge me. If you are a long-termer or a regular, please indulge me on the. Let’s go back to the Iraq war, 2003. George W. Bush spends a year and a half traveling the country, preparing everybody, lobbying the American people to support it. He goes to the United Nations, has satellite photos, all kinds of stuff. Colin Powell was up there showing the photos supposedly of weapons of mass destruction installations in Iraq of Saddam Hussein, and the Europeans — our allies in the intelligence community — all support this.

Now Bush, as a Republican, was probably not popular with the deep state particularly after how he was elected. You know, there was outrage with the Florida recount in 2000. A lot of Democrats, a lot of deep staters think that Gore should have been president. He won the popular vote. They think the Supreme Court unfairly put Bush in there. I think there was as much resentment in the deep state (we just didn’t call it that then) for George W. Bush as there is today for Donald Trump — and if not the same, it’s close.

I think, “How could so many different intelligence agencies get something so wrong as weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?” And remember, they gave Bush mounds of satellite photo evidence, documentation evidence. Colin Powell was dispatched to the United Nations to present this evidence — and it was all bogus, because we went in there. It was the pretext for invading Iraq after 9/11. We get in there, and there are no weapons of mass destruction.

It was one of the most embarrassing things. The Bush administration had to scramble; everybody had to scramble. What I have seen this bunch of people in the intelligence community be capable of… What they’ve tried with Trump here, this whole Russia meddling, Trump colluding? This whole thing is a gigantic lie, a totally bogus hoax, a silent coup. That’s when I began to think the weapons of mass destruction thing was a setup against Bush too.

My point is this: Why should we believe these people? They haven’t been right about anything in the last four years. They were wrong about weapons of mass destruction. They didn’t get Benghazi right. Why should we believe them? We shouldn’t. It is a continuation of an insane mind-set that the deep state and the Democrat Party are in because they can’t find a way to defeat this guy. They’re almost insane with their inability to land a punch on Donald Trump.

They don’t understand it. They have deployed every weapon they have to destroy political opponents, and it’s worked most every time they’ve tried it on whoever they wanted to damage or get rid of. But they can’t even land a glancing blow on Trump. So now, after the Mueller report says there was no collusion, what are we back to? Trump is a Russian agent! The Russians want Trump to get reelected. We just had a four-year, quasi-phony investigation when there was no evidence.

The only thing was a fake dossier. There are lies to the FISA court to get warrants to spy on Trump. They couldn’t even make up any evidence that would stick — and yet, here we are. We’re gonna recycle this whole thing, that Trump is the chosen one of Vladimir Putin (and there’s nothing we can do to stop it, by the way). The Democrats can’t stop it! Despite knowing who is behind meddling in our elections, the Democrats can’t find a way to stop it. “Trump’s gonna win, so we have to taint it. The Russians are meddling in our elections!”

These people are doing more damage to the integrity and the honor of the American election system than Vladimir Putin would ever dream of being successful at, and they’re making themselves look like abject fools in the process. So right on time, here comes the New York Times publishing their piece — and I’m gonna tell you what, folks. Remember yesterday, how the Drive-By Media was just absorbed with the Roger Stone sentence? The Roger Stone sentence, something so irrelevant and untied to anything serious — and yet they’re glued to it.

They have the reporters and the reporterettes and their infobabes outside and inside the courtroom when the sentence is announced. They’re hoping for seven to nine years; it comes back three years and four months. They’re devastated. They’re disappointed. But I’m telling you, they covered that Stone sentencing so closely because they think it gives them a chance to prove Trump is guilty of colluding with the Russians. Even though Stone was not charged with anything to do with colluding with the Russians, they still think the Stone sentence gave them an opportunity to make this case.

I believe that they all knew this New York Times story was coming because that news is from last week when the House Democrats’ Intelligence Committee were told about the Russians hoping that Trump gets elected working to make it happen. That’s old news. It’s from last week. They held it for the day after the Stone sentence. They don’t realize how transparent they are. Anyway, folks, I hope you’re taking time to savor this rather than get mad at it. I hope you’re taking time to enjoy this, because you are watching the literal implosion and the self-commission to insanity of a major political party in this country: The Democrats.


RUSH: By the way, these intelligence agencies? These are the people that believed the Steele dossier, if they actually did. These are the people that did not even predict the collapse of the Soviet Union. They never saw the collapse of the Berlin Wall. They were stunned when it happened. These people… I hate to say this, but the element of the intelligence community that we are being treated to in the New York Times — whoever these nameless, faceless people are — haven’t been right about a lot in a long time, and I think that’s part of what’s going on here.

But here, listen to John King just moments ago on Inside Politics on CNN…

KING: Putin is not running some operation with Donald Trump. That was not the substance of the briefing. Nobody is saying Trump was colluding with Russia again. They are saying Russia is interfering in the election today, and it is their intelligence conclusion — based on a lot of intelligence — that Russia has a preference for President Trump.

RUSH: Wuh wuh wuh? “Nobody is saying Trump was colluding with Russia again”? So you’re admitting that that was the original charge, that Trump was colluding with Russia, but now Trump isn’t colluding with Russia? Nobody’s saying that. “Putin is not running the same operation with Donald Trump.” No. What’s happening is that the U.S. intelligence community “conclusion based on a lot of intelligence” (ahem) is that “Russia has a preference for President Trump”?

Mr. King, you know that I respect you among few at CNN. But this is… It’s just so obvious what you’re trying to do here. This is a difference without a difference. There’s too much subtlety here. With this story, as reported by the New York Times, people aren’t gonna draw the distinction. You report that Putin refers Trump coming off of three years of reporting that Trump and Putin colluded; what do you think people are gonna conclude?

And this is your problem because you haven’t proved it! You people who have been alleging this for three years have no evidence, no proof whatsoever, and yet you’re going back to, “Putin still prefers Trump”? That won’t even stand the smell test when you got somebody like Crazy Bernie who loves the Soviet Union and Russia running for the presidency.


RUSH: Here’s Mike in Cincinnati. Great to have you, EIB Network, Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. God love you and long may you run, in the words of Neil Young.

RUSH: Thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Hey, getting back to the Russian thing, I think we’re gonna hear a lot about the Russian thing, the Russian thing again, obviously. And I just think it’s important for everybody to know that the Russians live in the real world. The Russian people are great. It’s their handlers that are horrible, as we know. They hate us, they envy us, and most of all, though, they fear us, and that’s why they want — this is the point I’m trying to make — that’s why they really would like Trump to win, because they know that America, when we’re economically healthy and even militarily healthy, they’re better off, and so is the entire world. If we have another 2008, 2009, if we go into a depression, the wheels are gonna come off next time, and then it’s everybody on their own, and if push comes to shove, the Russians will lose against us 10,000 times to one. So they don’t love us. They hate us. They fear us. But they know that —

RUSH: Wait. Let me – (crosstalk)

CALLER: — there goes rest of the world.

RUSH: This is a unique theory that you have, and I need to query you about something.


RUSH: The contra opinion of yours is that the Russians consider us an archenemy and want us destabilized and weakened. Putin is former KGB and once you’re KGB you’re always KGB, nobody ever leaves the KGB, and the KGB existed when the Soviet Union was ostensibly a superpower. Russia isn’t. Putin wants it to become reconstituted. Everybody knows Putin wants the Eastern Bloc back unified as the Soviet Union was. How would you answer somebody saying, “Wait, no. Putin wants us weakened. He wants us destabilized. He wants America with internal turmoil because it benefits him”?

CALLER: I would say this, that even when they were the Soviet Union, even when they had all their little pieces and parts together, they couldn’t hit the broad sign of a barn, Rush. Even back then —

RUSH: I know that’s true. They were manufactured. They were a manufactured superpower to create a number of other things the American people had to face. But there’s so many people that think the Russians want to defeat us, that the ChiComs wanted to weaken us, destroy us as a superpower. Your point is the world can’t afford for us to be destroyed because of our economy. Everybody needs it, everybody feeds off of it, and they do not want any real damage to the United States to occur. They just want to be able to play with us and not be dwarfed by us?

CALLER: You nailed it, Rush. That’s exactly my point. The world’s better off, and even our enemies know it, if we’re healthy and we’re doing okay. Like you said earlier, this isn’t heaven, but we’re better than everything else combined. If we go wobbly, if we get knocked back on our heels — us, I’m talking about the United States, and we have an issue — and that’s what will happen if the Bernies get in —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — you can kiss everything good-bye.

RUSH: There you go. Talent on loan from God.


RUSH: All right. I found that New York Post piece that I was talking about. I have people saying, “It wasn’t in the New York Post. It was the Washington Post.” I said, “No, it wasn’t.” I mean, the Washington Post piece has elements of what I read, but it was a Mike Vaccaro column in the New York Post, and the headline: “Jose Altuve Will Have to Wear This Forever.” But the column has the story I told you about at the Polo Grounds, the Dodgers-Giants 1951 Shot Heard ‘Round the World, sign stealing. Thomson knew what Branca was throwing.

So we’re gonna link to that at RushLimbaugh.com so that you can read it for yourself.

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