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Feb 12, 2020


New York Times: Bernie Sanders Scores Narrow Victory in New Hampshire Primary
RealClearPolitics: Is It Already Too Late for Establishment to Stop Bernie?
New York Post: Why Joe Biden’s Campaign is Collapsing – Ben Domenech
New York Post: ‘Never Trump’ Republicans Backing Joe Biden in NH Primary, Emails Show
USAToday: Joe Biden Would Show Selfless Patriotism by Quitting the 2020 Democratic Nomination Race – Peter Funt
Washington Examiner: What happened to Elizabeth Warren? – Byron York
Vox: Amy Klobuchar is the Thinking Moderate Democrat’s Electability Candidate
Daily Wire: Trump Defends His Actions As Pelosi Calls For Investigation Into DOJ Intervening In Stone Case
Breitbart: All 4 Roger Stone Prosecutors Resign from Case After DOJ Considers Sentence Reduction
Washington Times: Warren: 2020 Quest Continues for ‘Broke College Student’ Who Gave $3 of Last $6 in Bank
FOXNews: Trump Doubles Obama’s 2012 Vote Total in New Hampshire, Signaling Fired Up Base
RealClearPolitics: Sanders’ Narrow Victory Over Buttigieg in N.H. Bolsters His Frontrunner Status
The Hill: Van Jones: ‘People are Depressed’ by Primary Process, Just Want ‘Somebody to Vote for Against Trump’
National Review: Throwing Some Cold Water on ‘Klomentum’
Gateway Pundit: CNN Has on Serial Liar Andrew McCabe to Discuss Deep State Case against Trump Supporter Roger Stone
New York Post: Americans Say They’re Better Off Under Trump, New Poll Shows
Daily Signal: Trump Budget Cuts Size of Federal Government, but Bolder Reforms Needed
NBC: Bloomberg Spends Big to Challenge Trump on His Home Court: Facebook
Daily Wire: Trump: I’d Rather Run Against Bloomberg, He’s ‘Buying His Way In’
Breitbart: This Is How Mike Bloomberg Secretly Talks About Black People to White Elites


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