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RUSH: A hundred years ago, in the Roaring Twenties, progressives introduced an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. It went nowhere. In 1972, liberal Democrats tried again, with the proviso that 38 states would have to ratify it by 1982.

And 1982 came and went and the ERA failed to get ratified. Since then, the liberals have continued their quest. They kept putting the ERA before state legislatures, as if the 1982 deadline didn’t exist.

This year, when Democrats took over the Virginia statehouse, they passed the ERA, finally reaching the 38-state requirement even though they are 38 years too late.

Liberals planned to use that victory to launch a legal war, hoping the courts would overlook the timeline and allow the amendment to be ratified anyway.

But this week, liberal icon Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg threw a bucket of cold water on her fellow feminists. At a Georgetown Law School event, Buzzi told the crowd that the ERA would have to start over. It would have to pass Congress again, and go through the ratification process again. The 1982 deadline couldn’t be ignored.

I guarantee you, that sent the pink-hat crowd into the depths of hormonal depression and anger the likes you probably haven’t seen in a while. They don’t know which is worse: that the law is, in fact, the law – or that one of their idols dashed their hopes and dreams and told them to go pound sand.

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