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RUSH: “Van Jones: ‘People Are Depressed’ By Primary Process, Just Want ‘Somebody to Vote for Against Trump.’” Okay. Why do you think Democrats are depressed by this? You’ve got Bernie Sanders who is trying again after having had it taken away from him in 2016. Now you have all these other people. You had Kamala Harris — by the way, is her stock as a potential VP now rising vis-a-vis the black vote and Biden may be going south? I find this fascinating.

“Van Jones on Tuesday said he thinks that Democratic voters ‘are depressed’ and ‘sad’ over the Democratic primary process, saying that it is a ‘messy, confusing choice’ and Democrats ‘just want somebody to vote for against Trump.’ ‘I think people are depressed,’ Jones said while discussing the large split of Democratic votes. ‘I think people are sad. I think people can’t figure out which of the people they’re supposed to vote for, and people are waiting to come out and vote against Trump.’”

Well, you know what this says — I mean, if this is true, if he’s right about this, “I think people can’t figure out which of the people they are supposed to vote for” this party is guaranteed to lose. Now, that may be a risky thing to say this far out. But, if there’s not even one candidate in this whole shebang that is inspiring people to want to vote for them for reasons having nothing to do with Trump, I mean, you would think that you want to vote for somebody because of what their vision is or what they want to accomplish or what they want to help you accomplish.

But these people have got it in their head, they are so poisoned with Trump hatred that that’s all they want. It’s no wonder they’re depressed because they’re looking at this seeing nobody who can beat Trump. That’s the bottom line. I think this depression that Van Jones has recognized can be traced directly back to the Drive-By Media. All of these Democrats immerse themselves in it. They immerse themselves in the New York Times and the Washington Post and PMSNBC and CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, take your pick, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, and they get a steady diet of nothing but Trump hatred. That’s all it’s been for four years.

But the problem is that same media has been promising these people that Trump is going down. They promised people that there was evidence Trump was a traitor. They promised their readers and viewers that there was evidence Trump had meddled in the election and stole it. They promised. They had sources, named and unnamed, anonymous. They had the goods. They were gonna get Trump. It was only a matter of time.

Then here comes Schiff and his merry band of impeachers, and they were gonna get Trump. And it’s been one gigantic blob of disappointment after another, despite promise after promise after promise that Trump was going down. So, the fact that these Democrats are depressed I think has more to do with the fact that they can’t understand how the media’s been so wrong. The media assured them. The media is their religion. The media is their gospel. The media promised them that Trump did it, that Trump cheated, that Trump stole.

The media promised them that Trump said all these things that he hasn’t said and done all these things that he hasn’t done. And the media that made all these promises and the Mueller team that made all the commitments, there hasn’t yet been an apology. There has yet to be a mea culpa. There has yet to be the media saying, “You know what? Yeah, we kind of blew it. Yeah, we were kind of wrong.”

The media’s not trying to find out who lied to them. The media’s not trying to find out who misled them. You ever think anything about that? Isn’t that interesting. Because the media wasn’t lied to. The media was not misled. The media was part of this. The media were coconspirators in this, in an attempt to create a groundswell of public opinion among Trump voters to abandon him. And that’s another thing they’re depressed about.

So now Van Jones says that this depression is about the candidates. “Yeah, there just doesn’t seem to be anybody that knows who to vote for. Who are they supposed to support so they can defeat Trump?” This party is in a bigger mess than anybody knows. And there are a lot of people that are acknowledging the Democrat Party’s in a mess.

It is in a big, big mess. I’ll tell you one of the reasons why. (interruption) What are you laughing about? (interruption) What… (interruption) Would you stop throwing wrenches in this? So Snerdley says, “What if Biden comes back in South Carolina?” What would that mean? You mean wins it? (interruption) I hope it happens. If Biden comes back, gets enough delegates in South Carolina, that’s just gonna delay the pain. That’s just gonna create more illusion of things that aren’t true.

I think this is such a classic example of what happens. They have lost their ability to connect, the party, the party’s lost its ability to connect with its own voters. But I’ll tell you, this Trump hatred has never been rational, and the irrationality has been amplified to the point that it’s delusional and almost poisonous. And you see the results of it. And it’s infected everybody on the left and the media. It’s infected elected Democrats and so forth. I think this is just a fascinating thing to admit: “People can’t figure out which of the people they are supposed to vote for, and people are waiting to come out and vote against Trump.”

So, essentially, they don’t care. They don’t care who the nominee is. “Just get us to November!” Well, where is this enthusiasm? The enthusiasm he says is there isn’t showing up yet in the Hawkeye Cauci or in New Hampshire. Democrat turnout is anemic, and in the Millennial age-group it was 11% in New Hampshire. It was nothing. Let me find this. Let me see. (muttering) Hang on. I’m looking for Mark Penn. Mark Penn…

Hang on just a second here. I think I’m already out of order in the… (interruption) Number 14, yeah, but I need to see what comes before it and after it, and… Okay, Mark Penn is warning the Democrats that if Biden doesn’t come back, Trump is gonna steal African-American votes. This was last night on Fox Business Network. Wall Street Journal editor Gerry Baker was talking to Mark Penn.

PENN: If Biden, uh, comes back, it will be because, uh, there is a deep love for him within the African-American community. If he doesn’t — and that vote is drifting. Right now, that vote will not really have as big a turnout as it would have had because they’re not really energized as yet by any of these candidates, and none of these candidates has a history of energizing African-American voters. Meanwhile, President Trump is making an all-out attempt to get African-Americans voters, and his favorability there has risen from about 10 to close to 25, particularly with African-American men.

RUSH: I would say, then, that they are in deep doo-doo, because old Joe ain’t coming back to the degree he needs to come back to save the African-American vote, ’cause that would mean he’s gotta get the nomination. Do you think that he’s got any way of getting the nomination? Remember I said 11 months ago, he’s not got a prayer, and you know that I’m not wrong about this, no matter what you think these people are talking about now.

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