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RUSH: Speaking of Klobuchar, this is… I said they’ve got a new nickname for her. Here’s a media montage, number 6, in three, two, one…

GLORIA BORGER: Is there Klomentum?


ALISYN CAMEROTA: There’s Klobusurge. There’s Klobucharge. And there is Klobmentum.

RUSH: Yeah, and when you look at the word like I have it here on the official transcript, it looks like a constipation ad that you would see on the internet or on TV. Just Klobe — you know, Klobe, Klo, Klob — Klobmentum. And then you start with Klobusurge? That could be the laxative version of it. Here’s Amy Klobuchar herself last night at her headquarters in Concord, New Hampshire.

KLOBUCHAR: Hello, America.

FOLLOWERS: (silence)

KLOBUCHAR: I’m Amy Klobuchar, and I will beat Donald Trump.

FOLLOWERS: (applause)

RUSH: “And I am very mean, by the way. Ask my staff.”

KLOBUCHAR: Donald Trump’s worst nightmare is that the people in the middle — the people who have had enough of the name-calling and the mudslinging — have someone to vote for in November.

RUSH: John Lennon #9 Dream is going through my head here. She eats her salad, by the way, with a comb. Did you know that, folks?

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