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Feb 7, 2020


Federalist: Mid-SOTU, First Lady Presents Rush Limbaugh With Presidential Medal Of Freedom
New York Post: Nancy Pelosi ‘Pre-Ripped’ Pages of Trump’s SOTU Speech, Video Shows
Breitbart: Nancy Pelosi: It Was ‘Necessary’ to Tear Up Trump’s ‘Manifesto of Mistruths’
Daily Wire: Trump Wins AGAIN As Court Throws Out Dems’ Emoluments Lawsuit
The Hill: Iowa Debacle Deepens Division Between Sanders, National Party
FOXNews: The Really Bad Numbers for Biden in the Iowa Caucuses Results: Scott Rasmussen
CBS: Trump Says Mick Mulvaney is Staying On, But He’s “Not Happy” with Alexander Vindman
KCRW: Trump Staged Reunion Between Military Couple. One Army wife Calls It ‘Reunion Porn’
Gallup: New High of 90% of Americans Satisfied With Personal Life
LA Times: Voters React to President Trump’s State of the Union
National Review: CNN’s Van Jones Worries Trump’s Overtures Will Win Over Black Voters
FOXNews: Iowa Dems Release ‘100 Percent’ of Caucus Vote Totals Showing Buttigieg Ahead, Amid Calls for Recanvass
Washington Times: Trump Reunites Soldier with Family at State of Union
Business Insider: U.S. Creates 225,000 New Jobs in January, Way Above the Experts’ Prediction of 164,000
Washington Examiner: Economy Beats Expectations with 225,000 Jobs in January, Unemployment 3.6%
National Review: U.S. Adds 255,000 Jobs, Continues Strong Wage Growth Despite Manufacturing Slump
FOXNews: Trump’s Job Approval Rating Rises to 49 Percent Amid Impeachment, Highest Since Taking Office, Gallup Says


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