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RUSH: This is from Politico. This is Ryan Lizza. And this may be one of my favorite stories of the weekend. Ryan Lizza went to Des Moines. He went to a Trump rally. Do you realize how few Democrats, elected Democrats, Washington Democrats, DNC kind of Democrats, do you realize how few of them have actually ever been to a Trump rally? You could probably count them on one hand. And I’m not exaggerating.

They watch these things, if they watch, from afar on TV, and they mock them and they make fun of the people there. And they laugh and make fun of Trump. And they look at these crowds, three-day crowds of 75,000 to 100,000 people wanting in to a 10,000-seat the venue. And somehow they tell themselves it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just Looney Tunes. It’s just white supremacists or white nationalists or a bunch of racist pigs or a bunch of chauvinists, however they characterize and mock Trump voters.

They don’t go. In fact, in these four years they’ve yet to endeavor, even their political consultants, the people they pay to help ’em win elections have not endeavored to find out who Trump voters really are and why. So Ryan Lizza, a reporter for Politico, he went to one. He went to the rally in Des Moines.

Headline: “The Unexpected Joy at a Trump Rally in Iowa — On the cusp of beating two articles of impeachment, the president’s fans were in a celebratory mood. Meanwhile, somewhere there was a Democratic race taking place.” Let me give you some pull quotes from this piece.

[Olivia Nuzzi said on Twitter] “Something you notice at Trump campaign events is, for his supporters, these are safe spaces where they can relax. They tailgate. They make new friends. The speech is largely besides the point.” No, it’s not beside the point.

But no matter. Ryan Lizza observed the joy, the joy of attendees at a Trump rally in Iowa last week. “With Trump in power, presiding over peace and prosperity, on the cusp of beating two articles of impeachment … his fans seemed in a celebratory mood.”

With Trump in power presiding over peace and prosperity, “on the cusp of beating two articles of impeachment, his fans seemed in a celebratory mood.” By the way, there it is. “Presiding over peace and prosperity.” That’s the Drive-By Media. They know. If there were a Democrat, peace and prosperity would be the only thing you’d be seeing characterizing the Democrat administration. Except there can never be peace and prosperity in America with the Democrat Party in charge as it is currently constituted.

You doubt me? Take a look at any Democrat seeking the Democrat Party nomination, what are they promising to do? Dismantle all of this. Dismantling all of this that’s creating what ought to be a new normal, a new normal not of permanent decline, not of America’s best days are behind us. Why shouldn’t these three, now going on four years of economic revival, why shouldn’t these become the new normal?

So, peace and prosperity, everybody in a celebratory mood. “At the Des Moines rally impeachment was treated by Trump and his fans as something to mock. Trump went on a long tangent about how the Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and even Andrew Johnson impeachments were ‘dark’ times in American history. In contrast, Trump said, ‘This is a happy period for us.’ … The second result of impeachment is that it has blotted out the Democratic nomination race for weeks.”

Boy, is that ever true. Have these people stepped in it or what? They’ve taken their own… Actually, when you get down to it, it may be an unintended plus that their campaign has been overshadowed by this, ’cause fewer and fewer people know the radical nature of it. But that’s about to change. The point is, Ryan Lizza goes out and he finds a bunch of happy people, people that are experiencing joy.

There isn’t any joy in official Washington. There hasn’t been in 3-1/2 or more years. In fact, on the Democrat Party side, the left side — and, folks, I’m not saying this because it’s rote. It’s really true. There isn’t any joy, on average, any day for American liberals five years ago, 10 years ago, yesterday, tomorrow. Liberalism is constitutionally, foundationally incapable of providing joy for people because it’s rooted in grievance.

It’s rooted in anger, misery, and unhappiness and the false promises to fix all that. So this guy finally takes the plunge, braves a Trump rally. He doesn’t find angry white supremacists, white nationalists. He doesn’t find any anger at all. He finds people loving life, living the dream, enjoying themselves and where they are, enjoying each other.

Stop and think. That must be so odd, so unique for these people that an entire news article was written about it. As if joy and peace and prosperity and meeting new friends and having a great time making new friends — that’s so unusual that it is worth writing a story about.

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