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RUSH: It’s Open Line Friday. Here is Stewart in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Great to have you, Stewart. How are you, sir?

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Love ya. Great man. Question is this. Lee Greenwood sings a song about starting over with his children and his wife. My question to you is, “If you had to start over with nothing, what are some things that money can buy that you would miss?”

RUSH: Ha-ha-ha-haaaa! What a clever, clever question. Let me translate this: If you were poor and destitute and pooping in the streets of San Francisco, what would you miss the most?

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: That money can buy. In other words, money can’t buy happiness, but we’re gonna pretend here. What would you miss that you can afford now that you can’t afford or wouldn’t be able to afford? Oh, man. Well, there’s… (chuckles) Now, this is one of these questions, do I answer this honestly or do I try to come up with something clever? (interruption) Yeah, at the top of the list would have to be EIB One, because I still pinch myself when I get on board that thing, Stewart.

CALLER: Right. Okay.

RUSH: Hands down, that would be… Now, what else? (interruption) Now, Mr. Snerdley says I would miss the iPhone more than that. Yeah, but the iPhone would be within range. (interruption) No, if I were… (interruption) Well, wait a minute. He didn’t say… (interruption) Wait a minute. He didn’t say poor, destitute, and hopeless. He didn’t say poor, destitute, and talentless. He said I’m starting over again, meaning I’ve done it once; I can do it again. (interruption) The iPhone is aspirational, true.

But EIB One is much, much, much more aspirational than an iPhone. But Snerdley’s point is correct, too. (chuckling) I mean, it is kind of silly how much I like the thing. It is incredible how much pleasure I get out of it — and you know what else? It is almost disturbing how much disappointment it creates. For example… (interruption) Now, wait. I gotta draw the line on this somewhere. Well, I do not want to be misunderstood about this. There’s nothing about the iPhone itself that disappoints me other than the lack of speed of technological innovation.

Like, I’m disappointed today. I’ve been disappointed. I thought that a new beta of iOS 13.4 would be released on Monday. It wasn’t. They released 13.3.1 to everybody. So, I thought, “Okay, the beta of 13.4 is coming Tuesday.” It didn’t. I thought it was coming Wednesday. It didn’t. Since it didn’t come yesterday, I know it’s not coming today because they never introduce betas on Friday. So I’m gonna spend the weekend disappointed. That’s silly, right? But, I mean, he asked.

So, no, the iPhone — all this tech stuff, not just the iPhone. Tech stuff is a brain exercise for me. It’s something that keeps my brain from stagnating. To keep up with this stuff is a challenge; it’s fun to do. But it would be within range if I were destitute, hopeless, pooping in the streets of San Francisco, ’cause he didn’t say that I had no chance of getting it again. So, it’s an interesting question. I appreciate that, Stewart. Thanks.

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