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Jan 31, 2020


MSNBC: Schumer Warns Trump Could ‘Try To Cheat In His Election Again’ If Acquitted
The Blaze: Kansas City Chiefs Player Wears Image of Trump Meeting Kanye West During Super Bowl Press Conference
FOXNews: Bolton Hits Back, Decries Impeachment Witness ‘Retribution’
Breitbart: Fact Check: Adam Schiff Misleads Mitt Romney About the Evidence
Washington Post: New York Writer Who Accused Trump of Raping Her Wants a Sample of His DNA
New York Times: Trump Told Bolton to Help His Ukraine Pressure Campaign, Book Says
Washington Free Beacon: MSNBC Contributor: If Trump Is Acquitted, He Will Shut Down Voting in California
Daily Wire: Key GOP Wild Card Senator Lamar Alexander Announces Decision On Impeachment Witnesses
Politico: Democrats Are Already Bracing for a ‘Hostile’ Trump Transition
CNN: Coronavirus Task Force Another Example of Trump Administration’s lack of diversity
NBC: GOP Sen. Murkowski Says She Will Vote Against Witnesses, Calls Impeachment Articles ‘Rushed and Flawed’
RealClearInvestigations: Whistleblower Was Overheard in ’17 Discussing With Ally How to Remove Trump – Paul Sperry
PJ Media: Schiff Throws Tantrum Over His Staff Getting ‘Smeared’ by Reports on the ‘Whistleblower’
BizPacReview: ‘He Can’t Help Himself’: House Republicans Slam Schiff for Repeatedly Misleading the Public During Trial
Breitbart: CNN’s Lockhart: Dershowitz’s Argument What You Hear from Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler
Breitbart: ‘Jerry. Jerry. Jerry!’— Adam Schiff Tries in Vain to Stop Jerry Nadler from Historic Impeachment Trial Moment
HotAir: John Brennan: Cancel The State Of The Union, Blames Impeachment
Federalist: Yes, Trump’s Acquittal Is Real, And It’s Spectacular


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