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Jan 30, 2020


Breitbart: Chief Justice John Roberts Shuts Down Rand Paul’s Question on Alleged ‘Whistleblower’
Breitbart: Day 1 of Impeachment Q&A: Schiff Undermines His Case for Witnesses
Daily Caller: Report: Hillary Clinton Is Running From Tulsi Gabbard’s $50M Lawsuit — She’s ‘Intimidated,’ Says Attorney
FOXNews: Ex-Trump Aide Carter Page Files Suit Against DNC Over Dossier: ‘This is Only the First Salvo’
NewsBusters: Conspiracy Theories Abound on PBS: Violent Trump Voters? U.S. Turning Into Nazi Germany?
Politico: U.S. Life Expectancy Increases for First Time in 4 Years
BizPacReview: Trump Counsel Calls Out Schiff for Latest Fast One, Stunt ‘Would’ve Been Automatic Mistrial’ in ‘Ordinary Court’
Daily Caller: Mexico Deports Over 2,000 Caravan Migrants Back To Honduras
PJ Media: This Bombshell Interview with John Bolton Will Crush the Democrats
FOXNews: In 2010 Fox Interview, John Bolton Confessed He Would ‘Absolutely’ Lie About National Security Matters
WHOTV: Trump Supporters Camp Outside Knapp Center Ahead of President Trump Rally
Daily Wire: Chief Justice Roberts Censors Questions From Rand Paul. Paul Releases It.
Breitbart: Gaffe: Joe Biden Mixes Up Iraq, Iran, and Ukraine While Discussing Impeachment
Politico: Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 Race in Iowa Today
FOXNews: Washington Post Awards Adam Schiff ‘Four Pinocchios’ for False Comments About Whistleblower
The Hill: Dershowitz: I Never Said a President Could Do Anything to Get Reelected


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