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RUSH: Some moments are worth savoring. We got one such moment on Monday, when the Supreme Court issued a 5-to-4 ruling allowing the Trump administration to implement new immigration rules that liberals hate.

According to the new “public charge” rules, immigration officials will weigh positive and negative factors when deciding whether applicants should be granted legal permanent residency. Green cards.

For example: if an applicant is unemployed, or doesn’t have a high school education, or doesn’t speak English, or uses food stamps or housing subsidies or Medicaid, those would be negative factors.

If an applicant is self-supporting, educated, and can contribute to the country, those would be positive factors.

Ironically, these “new” rules that President Trump enacted were once the normal standards theat we used for immigrants. Before Democrats opened the floodgates to welfare-seekers from all over the fruited plain and the world.

But when President Trump laid out the rules last October, a New York district judge issued a nationwide injunction. This district judge blocked the implementation of national immigration policy, as determined by the President. Then on Monday, the Supreme Court lifted that injunction while allowing the legal challenges to continue. It’s not the final ruling.

Savor the moment, folks. For the moment! By the narrowest margin possible, the Supreme Court has allowed common sense to return to our immigration policy. For now.

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