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RUSH: Let me give you another example here of why what’s happening now is a great new normal, in addition to life expectancy up for the first time in four years and all the other economic news that I cited. Yet here’s Christiane Amanpour lamenting (impression), “Why can’t we go back to the good whatever the old normal was?” Back when those people ran the show and were running the country into stagnation. Try this story:

Mexico Deports More than 2,000 Caravan Migrants to Honduras — The Mexican government announced it has so far deported more than 2,000 members of the latest migrant caravan, demonstrating the seriousness of [Mexico]’s newfound enforcement of illegal immigration.” Let me ask you: Who else but Donald Trump would have even tried to make Mexico act responsibly like this? There’s not another American politician who would have even tried this.

There’s not a single American politician that would have leaned on Mexico to stop anybody coming through their country on the way to the United States. Donald Trump is the only politician who said he would do it, and he’s done it. “The National Migration Institute and the Mexican National Guard commissioned eight chartered planes and 34 buses to remove the members of the migrant caravan. Roughly 1,064 Hondurans were deported by ground transportation, while another 1,239 were deported by aircraft.”

A pull quote from the story: “Mexico has nonetheless made it clear that its territory won’t be used as transit for illegal aliens to reach the U.S.” (repeats) “Mexico has made it clear…” This is the day after the NAFTA replacement signed into law at the White House by President Trump. Why isn’t this part of a burgeoning new normal? Well, I mean, the question answers itself.

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