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RUSH: Mike in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Hi. How are you, sir?

CALLER: Barr and Dunn (sic) have disappeared from the planet. Do you think they will ever prosecute any of the evildoers in Washington?

RUSH: Well, yeah. Yeah. You mean Barr and Durham — John Durham, his lawyer. There’s a grand jury. They got a grand jury out there. Grand juries mean indictments. Whatever’s going on, you’re right: It’s under the radar. I know I’m on record. I have said… When I saw that they impaneled a grand jury, I said, “This is the best indication yet that there will be indictments along the way here. That’s why you do a grand jury.”

I know it would be great if during the middle of all this we could have some indictments announced, but I’ve never thought… Even on those days where I think these guys are gonna get something, I’ve never thought it was gonna happen before June or July of this year. Again, folks, let me… I don’t have a lot of time here. To put this in perspective, what these two guys are doing is huge. They are taking on a mammoth organization.

The CIA, in some cases, people there. The FBI. Elements of both of those organizations. The Civil Service Corps. They’ve gotta make sure that when they pull the trigger on this, it is slam-dunk incontrovertible. This is the kind of stuff that if they misfire here, they’re done. It is a huge undertaking. I can’t tell you what a big undertaking this is. So, yeah, I’m like you. The longer it goes, the less likely it appears. But I’m still not convinced that’s the case.

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