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RUSH: So I just checked the email during the break — I do this frequently, as you well know — and I’m glad I did. I got an email from somebody who wants to know if the coronavirus in China will be found in beer. No. (interruption) I’m not making it up. I wouldn’t have mentioned it. I would not make it up, and I… Look, here’s the coronavirus. The coronavirus is deadly. Brand names are very popular things. There’s some people out there that may think the coronavirus is found in a beer from Mexico.

Yeah, and cure it with a slice of lime or put it in there. I mean, there’s also some stuff… Get this. There’s some stuff on the internet to keep yourself from getting the coronavirus: “Drink bleach.” (chuckling) You see stuff like that, then you go back to the impeachment trial, and you wonder, “What’s the point?” I just want to tell you: The coronavirus has nothing to do with beer. The coronavirus has been named as such since I think the late fifties, maybe the 1960s. But as a public service…

I can’t imagine anybody in this audience thinking that this coronavirus is being spread by bottles of beer, but I’m taking the occasion here as a public service to assure you that that is not the case.

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