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RUSH: We are clearly not living in a real world, folks. We’re living in a Democrat, media-generated illusion, a fantasyland. It’s frustrating, because everybody is aware of what’s happening, and yet nobody steps outside it, nobody calls it out — except for, well, people like me and others elsewhere in the media. What I’m talking about… So, yesterday at the so-called Trump impeachment trial, Trump’s lawyers presented another day of their case.

Pam Bondi literally destroyed the entire case. Alan Dershowitz literally destroyed the entire case. When those two were finished, every Republican Senator should have stood up and told Mitch McConnell, “Let’s move to acquit. This is absolute… This is a farce. This is absolutely ridiculous what’s going on here.” But, of course, none of them did. No, no, of course not. We gotta react to the Kavanaugh episode here with Bolton.

Now we gotta start talking about whether or not we’re gonna call witnesses. Pam Bondi literally destroyed the Bidens yesterday by using Drive-By Media reports, clearly establishing the corruption in Ukraine of Hunter Biden and his father, Joe Biden. Clearly using Drive-By Media reports, illustrating that it was Joe Biden who interfered in Ukraine politics, demanding that a prosecutor trying to get the goods on his son be fired.

She played the audio and the video of Biden bragging about it and it made clear — just as everything else in this case is — that it was not Trump that colluded with Russia, for example; it was Hillary. It was the Democrats. It was the Democrat National Committee. It was Fusion GPS. They colluded with Russia; Trump didn’t. Trump did not. He might have attempted to get to the bottom of what was going on with the Bidens, but there is a federal law requiring him to do so.

If we’re gonna extend aid to a foreign country, ostensibly an ally, then the president is required to make sure we’re not throwing money at a corrupt government with corrupt operations, and part of that was to figure out what was going on with the Bidens. And she just laid it out. And it was clear that it isn’t Trump that has done anything nefarious here. It was the Bidens, it was the Democrats, it was the Obama administration where all of this actually happened.

Thus, all of this — meaning Trump-Russia collusion, the Mueller investigation, now this — is all a gigantic cover-up of what the Democrats did. But Bondi exposed it yesterday. Now, none of the big three networks covered it. They bumped out of it. They covered every word that Adam Schiff said. But they didn’t cover Pam Bondi. They didn’t cover Dershowitz. So, as far as people who watch ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC are concerned, it didn’t happen.

Nobody knows it.

Except that you do.

You know everything that Pam Bondi exposed yesterday. What Pam Bondi informed the Senate of yesterday was not news to you. You know it. You’ve seen the video of Biden bragging about getting a prosecutor fired. You’ve heard the audio of it on this program. You’ve heard it talked about numerous times. In a real world… Look, I know that there are articles of impeachment, and I know that they’ve got to adjudicate those and all.

But at some point, the reality becomes clear here, and how any Republican in that chamber could sit through that presentation yesterday and not realize what’s going on and then not demand that it be stopped, to move for an acquittal, is just… Well, you know, I say, “It’s mind-boggling to me,” but it really isn’t ’cause I understand how all this works. It has no relationship to common sense whatsoever, and the underlying reality here that hasn’t changed.

I wish this weren’t the case. But there is so much hatred for Donald Trump through all levels of Washington, and I think even a bunch of Republicans — elected Republicans, House and Senate — who are sitting on top of one of the greatest political opportunities in their lives are refusing to take advantage of it, because they have such a distaste for an outsider moving in on their territory and succeeding, and because an outsider has moved in on their territory and really shown ’em up.

In three years, he’s demonstrated how much progress can happen, how much improvement for average Americans can occur. What all average Americans have grown up believing their government is invested in — making life better for people that live in America — here’s a guy that’s done it in three years, showing up everybody that hasn’t been able to do it in their lifetime. How ridiculous…? Mitt Romney. Here’s Mitt Romney, Pierre Delecto.

Let’s review here. That’s one of his favorite self-nicknames, right, Mr. Snerdley? Pierre Delecto. When Mitt Romney ran for president… When did he run, 2012, right? Seems like it was a long time ago. Well, it was, 2012. When Romney was running for president, the Democrat Party accused him, Harry Reid excused him of not paying his taxes. Harry Reid called the media and said, “A friend of mine just told me Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in 10 years!” The media said, “What proof do you have?”

Harry Reid said, “(Snort!) I don’t need proof! You don’t ask me. You need to go ask Romney why he hasn’t paid his taxes in 10 years.” They filed out, went over to ask Romney. “Why haven’t you paid your taxes in 10 years?” They accused Mitt Romney of having no compassion whatsoever for the wife of an employee who was allowed to die because Romney did not extend health care benefits sufficiently to his employees.

They accused Romney of beating up some wimp at his prep school and being a bully. They accused Romney of being anti-dog and anti-animal by putting the family dog on the top of the station wagon on a family vacation driving all over the fruited plain with the poor dog up there salivating, sweating, panting and all that. Who is it that Mitt Romney’s siding with? Who is it that Mitt Romney is sidling up to and trying to be on the same side as?

The same people that destroyed his presidential candidacy! The same party, the same people that did everything — lied about him, slandered him, libeled him — he is on their side here. Mitt Romney’s so obvious. He’s running around, basically (as I said yesterday) offering to be a stand-in president if anybody still wants him — and Romney is not alone. Practically every Republican in that chamber, every Republican in Washington has been blasphemed, has been slandered, has been libeled by the Democrat Party and the media at some point in their careers.

And there are some of them who nevertheless are siding with those very people. You might even be able to say that about John Bolton. John Bolton’s been hated and despised by all the people in Drive-By Media who now claim to love him. There’s even talk… I watched it today. You know, Trump has a philosophy and a theory, and that is total victory, no compromise victory, total victory, particularly when he thinks that he’s being lied about.

So he continually refers to his phone call with Zelensky as a “perfect” call. “There was nothing wrong with this call. You’ve read the transcript. There was nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing impeachable in it. There were 20 people on the call, for crying out loud! Twenty people heard this call. There was no way any chicanery could have taken place.” Still people say that Trump wanted a quid pro quo — and that’s what Bolton’s saying Trump wanted. He said he hoped this.

But it didn’t happen. Now you’ve got leftists coming out of the woodwork. “It doesn’t matter. If Trump wanted to commit a crime, he as well as did. Common law says that just because you didn’t do what you wanted to do doesn’t mean you didn’t commit a crime!” So now Trump is going to be accused guilty of a thought crime. So there is a developing consensus, shall I say — a developing consensus — that Trump could make this all go away if he would just admit that the call was not perfect.

That if he would just admit that, yeah, he was attempting to do this or that and the other but that it didn’t work, that everybody would go away because there would then be nothing to prosecute. I’m seeing this from all over the place. “Trump should not have ever said that was a perfect call. He should never have said he didn’t do anything wrong. He should have admitted it and he should have taken this away from them, take away this whole opportunity.”

Now people are saying he could still do that. He could make this go away by now admitting that it wasn’t a perfect phone call. Does anybody believe that if Trump came out and said, “Okay! Okay! It wasn’t a perfect phone call. Okay. Okay. Yeah, maybe I was looking to do a quid pro quo, but I didn’t get one and it didn’t happen, and they got the aid”…? Does anybody think it would go away? Ha. It ought to go away because it is baseless.

I know there’s polling data that the American people aren’t watching. Trump’s numbers are rising during all of this. “So, Rush, you need to just kind of slough it off. Don’t let it get to you all that much.” Well, it gets to me only because, folks, in the face of obvious common sense, there remains this collective resistance to an obvious and apparent stare-you-in-the-face truth, and that is that every article of impeachment and all of these charges against Trump are bogus — and now this Bolton thing.

It’s amazing.

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