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RUSH: Liberals in a dozen states are trying to push through a regional agreement called the “Transportation and Climate Initiative.” It’s aimed at reducing vehicle pollution, and one of the components is a big carbon tax. It’s basically the same kind of economic punishment that Obama wanted to inflict on Americans via the Paris accords.

Fuel companies would be forced to buy “pollution allowances.” States would supposedly invest that money in electric buses, car-charging stations, and bike lanes which would then supposedly reduce emissions by 25% by 2032 — the usual leftist claptrap.

The usual leftist claptrap.

Now, you would expect this kind of environmentalist wacko-ism to be greeted with open arms in the liberal Northeast. But you would be wrong. Many Northeast governors aren’t buying in.

They’re worried this plan would increase gasoline prices, hurting businesses and consumers. Hardest hit would be those at the lower end of the economic ladder who have long commutes. Not to mention the millions of residents in Northeastern states who heat their homes with oil. With a big carbon tax, they’ll get hammered with high energy bills in winter.

So apparently, these governors are beginning to realize it’s very easy for elitist, radical environmental wackos to come up with job-killing, economy-wrecking climate plans. But ultimately, it won’t be these elitist, liberal wackos who will be paying the biggest price!

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