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RUSH: Now, to the Democrat side of things and their campaign. The Des Moines Register (for some reason) is, in the Hawkeye Cauci, the most prized newspaper endorsement. The Democrats seek it; they do everything they can to get it. I have yet to be convinced that newspaper endorsements in any way matter. I don’t know how you would even try to qualify it. But it’s a tradition, and it’s a journalism tradition, it’s an American presidential election tradition, and so people think, “Oooh.” Fauxcahontas, Elizabeth Warren, has gotten the official Des Moines Register endorsement. They claim that she would, quote, “treat truth as something that matters,” unquote.

Now, you’re laughing.

I understand that.

This is the woman who lied about being an Indian.

This is the woman who has lied about how she got her job teaching at Harvard. She has lied about the sources of her wealth. She has made up fantastic stories about her kids and so forth. Yet the Des Moines Register doesn’t know it. They can’t know it if they literally are gonna endorse her because she “treats truth as something that matters.” Look, if the Des Moines Register… I know a lot of you were gonna disagree with me on this because you think the Democrats are so partisan and so corrupt that this is what they do — and you’re right.

But I also maintain to you that liberals live in a very walled-off, cocooned set of circumstances, and anything that is outside their worldview doesn’t get in. It’s not that they know everything and then choose to believe. They literally reject anything and everything that isn’t sourced from somebody on their side or in their movement.


RUSH: The Des Moines Register literally has no idea. They can’t have any idea what an abject liar Elizabeth Warren is if they’re gonna endorse her as somebody “who would treat the truth as something that matters.”

The woman lied and made up the fact that she is 1/24000 or whatever Indian to get a gig at Harvard. How do you not know that? And if you do know that, how can you just casually overlook it? Do you assume your readers don’t know it? I’m telling you that, strange as it may sound, I think liberals in journalism… I’m sorry (chuckles), there aren’t any others. Liberals in journalism everywhere, I think you’d be stunned at how unworldly and how literally little they actually know about daily life in this country.

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