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RUSH: Now, you could be mistaken if you are confused. Greetings, my friends. Great to have you with us. It’s Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and yet another three-hour excursion into broadcast excellence. Telephone number here if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882.

Now, today is supposed to be the start of the opening arguments in this so-called impeachment trial. Never mind the Democrats could not wait, they turned a debate that was supposed to be about whether to call witnesses before or after opening arguments into their opening arguments. They did their opening argument yesterday as part of — it’s so obvious what this is, folks.

And I think the reason they did it is because they realize that after the first day the public’s gonna lose interest in this and very few people — it’s gonna be a declining audience rating as it was for all of the other impeachment proceedings the Democrats were in charge of. And so they wanted to get as much out there as they could. It’s clear this is a 2020 campaign issue.

I just saw Andy McCarthy on TV, and he made a point that what happened in 10 or 11 hours yesterday in the Senate in a normal courtroom nobody would have ever seen, it would have happened in maybe two to three hours. As the lawyers for both sides submit motions to the court, the court rules, there is no public debate about it. The court makes the decision, that’s the last word on it.

But this is a televised fiasco, and it’s a spectacle. And so we had 10, 11 hours where the Democrats — I think we also now know why the Democrats, in part, delayed presenting the articles of impeachment, and that was so that they could prepare all of the graphics and all of the video highlights and taking Trump totally out of context. It’s painful to watch.

It’s painful to watch these people on the Democrat side continue to get away with these mischaracterizations, the outright lies and the out-of-context lies. And one of the biggest ones is their continuing effort to say that Trump wants to act like a dictator, that they quote him as saying, “I’m president. I can do anything I want.” And everybody knows that he was talking about firing Mueller in that excerpt.

He was explaining to people Article II gives him the power to run the executive branch. Mueller was special counsel. He could fire Mueller any time he wanted. “I can do anything I want.” They have taken that and they have been using it for the past number of months to suggest Trump is saying as president he can do anything he wants about anything. And everybody in that Senate chamber yesterday knows exactly what they’re doing.

Schiff was unmasked. He was undressed yesterday. He was exposed as lying big time on the entire characterization, the transcript of the phone call that Trump had with the president of Ukraine, Zelensky. But the theme yesterday from the Democrats was McConnell wants to hold a trial with no evidence. And they’re doing things, saying things that they hope will resonate with whoever they think are average, ordinary Americans.

And that’s why “fairness” is such a big word in American politics. They think “fairness” is one of these words that cuts through, and if anything is unfair, then it’s unjust. If it’s unfair, it’s incorrect. If it’s unfair, it’s usually the Republicans on the wrong side of it. So they make the case here that McConnell wants to hold a trial with no evidence and this is not fair, whoever does a trial without evidence?

Well, it’s up to them to present the evidence. We just keep recycling these things. They keep lying about the same old things and we keep correcting the lies for those that listen to us, people we have a chance to influence here. The House is supposed to provide the Senate the evidence. All McConnell can do is work with what the House has handed him. They keep going, “Well, that’s not what happened in the Clinton trial.” The Clinton trial took depositions.

What they’re even saying about that is a lie, is a mischaracterization. And the reason that all of this is happening, the primary thing that the Democrats are demanding for more witnesses and documents is because they know they don’t have enough evidence to convict a ham sandwich, much less the president of the United States.

Jerry Nadler, the round mound of the gavel himself on the final day of public hearings pronounced the facts are indisputable, that the Democrats had proved their case beyond any shadow of a doubt. Adam Schiff said the same thing when he wrapped up his sham hearings. And now all of a sudden they get to the Senate, they don’t have enough evidence. It was clear as a bell. They are trying to turn this impeachment proceeding into a pro-Democrat political operation. They’re trying to turn this into a usual opposition research effort.

And the chief justice is obviously a Never Trumper, and I know a lot of you people called, and you were concerned about that, and I’ve gotten some notes from people, “I’m surprised that the chief justice voting so often with the Democrats.” Why? The guy’s a Never Trumper. The guy wants to get into Georgetown, the guy wants to be accepted by Georgetown, he wants to get favorable pieces in the Washington Post Style section.

None of this is a mystery. It’s always been what it’s been. It’s always gonna be an obstacle, it’s always gonna be a fight and a battle. Placing it in the proper context where people understand what’s going on so they can properly judge it is what is important here. They claimed that they had presented enough evidence that slam dunk, president is guilty, let’s move on over to the Senate, let’s get this done.

They get to the Senate, they don’t have enough evidence all of a sudden. Now they want to start calling witnesses. As I said yesterday it’s another myth, witnesses to what? There aren’t any crimes. There are no impeachable offenses. And nobody witnessed anything. They keep recycling this, “Well, he withheld the money from Ukraine. He was holding it over.” He didn’t withhold the money. Ukraine got the money and even more.

I think this is one of the objectives, to get us so frustrated, at our wits’ end constantly correcting them that we throw up our hands in frustration. But I’ve got a take on this that I want to share with you.


RUSH: I really think the Republicans ought to bring Schiff in here and put him front and center and I think they ought to call him. I think they ought to make everything the Democrats are doing related to Adam Schiff. This guy needs to upheld front and center as the energy, the face behind this entire thing, because he’ll fold. Folks, he hasn’t said much that is the truth since this began.

Now we’ve got a story, this is from Real Clear Investigations. Whistleblower was overheard two weeks after Trump was inaugurated. Eric Ciaramella, the whistleblower, two weeks after Trump took office, Ciaramella “was overheard in the White House discussing with another staffer how to remove,” Trump from office.

They began discussing and formulating plans leading to an impeachment or whatever. This is independent of the Russia collusion hoax. Two weeks! This guy and another guy named Misko, Sean Misko, who was hired by Schiff when this whole impeachment stuff got started. Ciaramella, the whistleblower, and there are two Obama holdovers.

Somehow they remained in the White House after Trump was inaugurated, were holdovers. Nobody knew to get rid of ’em. And they were overheard planning impeachment. And here we are two weeks after Trump was inaugurated, before any phone call to the Ukraine, before any of this.


RUSH: I really think it’s critical to expose Adam Schiff in this, I think. If we’re gonna start calling witnesses (we’ll talk about that), get Schiff up there first. Everything revolves around Schiff. You are looking at human slime. I don’t like saying that. You’re just looking at a bad guy, folks. You’re looking at a really bad, poisoned guy. The guy is so partisan that he has just abandoned all pretense of decency — and he cannot tell the truth about any of this.

He doesn’t have a case telling the truth, so he’s manufacturing things. His latest lying is he made up a lie about Zev Parnas my policy talking with the president of Ukraine, Zelensky, and got the wrong Z! He was not talking with Zelensky. Parnas was talking to some oligarch whose name began with Z. This guy… His mind is so corrupted that he sees a Z in front of a Ukrainian name and assumes it’s Zelensky, and then he assumes that Lev Parnas was talking to Zelensky when he wasn’t — and he says this during the Senate trial!

He’s just openly lying about things, and it’s the poison of this hatred that he’s got for Trump. Adam Schiff is typical of this radical left mentality that has taken over the Democrat Party. It is unreasonable, it is indecent, it has no boundaries of propriety. So I think the guy needs to be exposed. I think he needs to be brought front and center. He’s the guy with ties to the whistleblower, Ciaramella — who we now know has been working on this for two weeks after Trump was inaugurated.

Maybe forcing Schiff to testify under oath could explain the origins of this entire fiasco.


RUSH: I want to elaborate a little bit on something I glossed over a moment ago when talking about Schiff and how he needs to be made the face of all of this. This is about the lie that Schiff told about Lev Parnas and who he’s talking to. The news is that this is apparently an intentional lie, that Schiff did not make a mistake; he did not confuse two different people whose last names begin with a Z.

He knew that Lev Parnas had not spoken to Zelensky but said that he did anyway! Now, this was in a text that Lev Parnas sent to Rudy Giuliani — Schiff’s own team. The Z that Parnas was talking about is the oligarch who runs Burisma. That’s who Lev Parnas was talking to, and Schiff got hold of that text says and, “Oh, no. He’s sending a note to Zelensky.” Meaning, “This Parnas guy, he knows a lot that he hasn’t told us! He’s got an in with the president of Ukraine!”

It’s not true.

The reason that we know that Schiff did this intentionally is because he redacted the rest of the text message to Rudy that made it clear that Parnas was talking about the guy who runs Burisma, not Zelensky. But I’ll tell you, Schiff is so monomaniacal, he was even willing to lie to the Round Mound of the Gavel, Jerry Nadler, who’s the person he sent this evidence to. He gave it to Nadler to use. He set Nadler up! He facilitated Nadler telling his same lie.

This is assuming Nadler wasn’t in on it. They both could have been on it. And the Drive-By Media’s completely ignoring this, even though it was uncovered by Politico. The Politico is who uncovered this. Politico uncovered the fact that Schiff knowingly misrepresented this text message from Lev Parnas claiming that it went to the president, Zelensky, of Ukraine, when it didn’t.

It went to the guy that founded Burisma! They’re completely ignoring this in the media because it exposes Schiff to be the obsessed liar that we have said he is. The guy is just… (sigh) I don’t know, folks. I don’t know how to politely describe what I’m actually thinking about the guy. (sigh) It’s despicable what the guy’s doing. He needs to be fully exposed.

By the way, did you hear about Mayor Pete? Did you hear what Mayor Pete did, trying to endear himself to the black community? Mayor Pete said that he prefers Popeyes chicken to Chick-fil-A. Did you hear that? He made a big deal out of pointing out that he thinks Popeyes chicken is much better than Chick-fil-A to a black audience. Now, can you imagine if a Republican did anything like that? You would not be… (interruption) No, I didn’t hear that. That’s all you would have heard about!

Okay. Let’s go to the Atlanta. Let’s start with Karen on the phones. I’m glad you called, Karen. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. I am so glad that you are back.

RUSH: Thank you. Me too.

CALLER: When you were sick, I put you at the top of my prayer list. (giggles)

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that. I’m glad to be back, too.

CALLER: Well, I listen to you all the time, and I hear you ask people, “Why are they so afraid of Trump?” and I have a theory. My theory is that he runs the country like a business. You have to get things done, and he gets things done, and he could get everything done that we need done where they’ve been there for years.

RUSH: Okay. So why does that scare them? Wait a suh. Why does that scare them? Why does getting things done scare them?

CALLER: Because we won’t have to pay these big old salaries, and they would only have to come maybe twice a year to legislate, and maybe we should go back to the day where it was volunteer; you did it for your country.

RUSH: Well, you know, you’re on to something when talking about “some people.” There are… I think people like Schiff, I don’t think it matters that Trump gets things done. I don’t think it matters. I think it’s so deeply personal with Schiff that he simply has lost any boundaries of propriety and decency. He’s just a despicable, despicable person doing what he’s doing and the way he’s going about it. Now, I think more along the lines what you were talking about, Washington has evolved over many generations.

And what is one of the most often heard complaints from the citizens, from people, about Washington? They say, “Can’t get anything done. It takes so long.” People’s expectations are so low because of how long it takes to get things done — and people in Washington, they further us thinking that. They further the belief. “Oh, it’s so big, it’s so massive, we’re trying to…” The people that run for office, campaign, XY & Z promises of what they’re gonna do.

They get elected, and nothing ever happens — and I think that’s the trick. I think the trick is having convinced us that it’s really hard to get things done. It’s hard to get legislation passed. It’s hard to get it passed in two houses of Congress; then the president sign it. It’s really, really hard — and in that way, they get to maintain the status quo where they are the beneficiaries. So here comes Donald Trump. You want to talk about an earthquake?

In three years, look at what one man has been able to get done, not just get done, but change a bunch of garbage that was for the bad into good. It’s got ’em scared to death. Their cover is blown. Whether Trump is a businessman or not, doesn’t matter. It’s simply the fact that he can get in there and get things done. He can stop illegal immigration. He can cut taxes. He can cause the biggest economic boom that we have seen in 50 years.

He can create the lowest unemployment — with policy! It can be done. This is what has them upset. The American people can now see it can be done. It can be done in three years. It can be done in two years. It can be done with the right guy at the top. It can be done — all the while making America great again. We don’t have to give Iran nuclear weapons to do it. We don’t have to arm our enemies. We don’t have to let illegals into the country. We don’t have to do anything of the sort. We’re not guilty.

The United States isn’t guilty.

We don’t have to apologize for anything.

This is such a major shakeup for what has become the standard, daily perception of Washington — and it’s got people scared to death. It’s got people upset, because their game has been exposed. So the only thing they can do… They can’t run around and try to tell us that all these good things are not good for us. That’s why they’re trying to disqualify all these good things by saying that a corrupt skunk like Trump did it. That’s how they’re trying to disqualify it. Which is how they disqualify, or try to, all their critics: Personally destroy people.

That’s what they’re trying with Trump.

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