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RUSH: From PJ Media: “Under Trump, America May Be its Strongest Since the End of World War II.” Now, this story is especially poignant, and it is especially timely. The establishment of the current world order — and I don’t mean this in a conspiratorial sense. There is a world order, and it is operated and maintained by what you would consider to be the worldwide establishment. Call it deep state, administrative state, whatever you want. It exists.

McCain even referred to it frequently when Trump was running for the presidency. McCain ran around saying, “Why in the world would we want to blow up this order that we established after World War II?” Because this order that we established subordinated the United States to a bunch of inferior nations on the basis that a singular, powerful superpower like the United States destabilized the world. Americans thinking that is preposterous.

Trump has indeed blown it up. He went to Davos. He went to Davos two years ago, and he told the people — all of these billionaires and industrialists and capitalists. He told ’em what was gonna happen. He told them that he was going to reshape the world order. He’s done it. He’s got a good start on it. He didn’t go to Davos last year because of the government shutdown, but he’s gonna go to Davos today, may already be there. He’s speaking to them tomorrow, and he’s gonna tell them what’s coming next.

And this is an article that explains it. Ask yourself this: “America May Be its Strongest Since the End of World War II.” There’s been a lot of time since the end of World War II, and the United States has been a superpower for all of that time. How can it be? I’m not doubting the assertion. I believe it. How can it be that the United States is today its strongest since the end of World War II? Why not the boom eighties? Why not the Clinton boom nineties, they said? Why now?

There is a specific answer to this that relates straight to Donald Trump and his view of the United States and its place in the world. By any measure — economic gains, economic strength, economic power, jobs, you name it — it is absolutely true. And it has been achieved in three years. So what happened in all of the years prior? I want to delve into this, because I think it’s a very important point for as many people as possible to understand. ‘Cause like I said in the first hour, the idea that America is not the good guys and that there are prominent Americans — primarily Democrats.

But there are a lot of them who think America is the problem in the world, and the problem stems from our size. It stems from our power, both military and economic — and that we’re not the good guys? That is just so foreign to me. As much good as we do for the world, as much good as we do for ourselves — and we have no competitor in increasing the standard of living, life expectancy, economic prosperity, reduction in poverty. There’s no nation even close, and yet this is seen as a problem by a lot of people. And it irks Trump, it’s always bothered him, and it’s one of the things that he is attempting to reverse.


RUSH: This Rhonda in Goshen, Indiana. Great to have you. I appreciate your patience. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. You referenced immigration again today, and I know that two weeks ago you were talking about it, and you had one little sentence in the middle of that paragraph that really caught my ear, and this is what you said. You said, “Our immigration policies are based on love,” and I thought about that, and I decided you are exactly right, and I believe that that is also true of our military. So it bothers me greatly when I hear this hatred of the military, this disrespect, and the doctrine of appeasement that comes from the left — and we just heard it again with the killing of Soleimani. What bothers me about this doctrine of appeasement is because it is so deceptive.

RUSH: That’s a good point.

CALLER: It masquerades as peace and love, and it’s anything but peace and love.

RUSH: That is actually a very, very good point, that all of this appeasement is disguised in compassion and fairness and understanding and accepting people who are different than we are — when it’s exactly the opposite.


RUSH: Now, I want to tell you, you remind me of the statement I made about the conservative view on immigration is love. It’s not just immigration. I think if you had to explain to somebody who really didn’t know what the impetus behind conservative anything is, it is love. Conservatives love America, love people, want the best for everybody. When it comes to immigration… You know, I saw… I wish I could remember. It’s hard to pick out one instance, but here’s some people talking about immigration again, and they conflate illegal immigration with legal immigration and assume that we conservatives are opposed to all immigration.

It was somebody who said, (impression), “It would really be wise, really be smart if you conservatives could understand that we’re all immigrants, that every one of us is a descendant of immigrants and there’s no such thing as an original American.” Okay, fine. We don’t have a problem with immigration! There’s not a single conservative in the world who does. In fact, legal immigration needs to be improved and reformed. It’s the whole concept of illegal immigration that’s a problem!

Our opposition to illegal immigration is rooted in love for the rule of law, in love for people who are being displaced, love for the American culture — the distinct American culture that is being undermined by a bunch of people arriving illegally who are not assimilating, don’t have any desire to assimilate, have no desire to become Americans. And guess who is championing those people? The Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is welcoming anybody to come in and turn things upside down, and so we oppose this.

It’s not because of skin color.

It’s not because of race.

It’s not because of gender orientation or any of that, the opposition to illegal immigration.

In fact, it kind of insults me to have to even explain this. If nothing else, the rule of law! It’s the backbone of our existence and so forth. If it goes by the wayside, a lot of things are gonna go by the wayside with it. I’m just glad you reminded me of that, because it is really one of the reasons or foundations of all of conservatism, which is rooted in providing, creating, arranging, whatever, things so that everybody can access whatever opportunity they want to go for. It’s not about jealousy or envy of those who succeed. It’s not about getting even with people who succeed or denying people an opportunity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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