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RUSH: The day after President Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, hundreds of thousands of angry women descended on Washington wearing knitted pink vagina hats. The Washington Post reported there was “an overwhelming sense of rage and grief” at the biggest single-day protest in U.S. history.

Three years later, the same liberals at the Washington Post ran a follow-up article, titled: “Nobody Needs Another Pink Hat: Why the Women’s March Is Struggling for Relevance.”

Yes, there was another “women’s march” this past Saturday. But many of the bitter, angry, grief-stricken, raging women who poured into the capital three years ago have apparently moved on. Attendance was so bad that NPR reported “just a fraction” of those who attended the first march bothered to show up.

Liberals are floating a bunch of theories to explain the obvious lack of interest. The novelty of the big march – and the pink hats – has passed. Many of the original participants have protest fatigue. The lead Feminazi group is infighting; they’ve been accused of financial mismanagement and anti-Semitism, and a reputation for being unwilling to play nice with others.

I have my own theory. Under President Trump, the economy is so good that many of these formerly bitter, angry liberal women aren’t mad anymore. They didn’t want to march because they had other plans. They went shopping or else they died.

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