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RUSH: This is kind of funny. This is… (chuckles) Do you remember Operation Chaos? What year was Operation Chaos? (interruption) You don’t remember Operation Chaos? Operation Chaos was 2008. John McCain won the Republican primaries early. By the early spring of 2008, there was no more drama left in the Republican race. But the Democrat race? Eh, Hillary Clinton was still hanging in. She was looking tough, still hanging in. It was down to the wire between her and Barack Hussein O, and Hillary was ticked off because she had been promised the nomination.

But then the young, energetic, vibrant African-American — uh, black guy — came along, and they just… She’s the most cheated-on woman in America, and they cast her aside again. Well, I didn’t want that to happen. I thought that we needed the drama to continue. So we began Operation Chaos. Operation Chaos was designed to get Republican voters who didn’t care… I mean, McCain was the nominee. It didn’t matter. It was to get Republican voters to reregister so they could vote in Democrat primaries and vote for Hillary in whatever states were left.

Actually, it may have worked in Indiana.

At any rate, the Democrats were made paranoid by it. They even did a movie about Operation Chaos called The Ides of March. George Clooney was in that movie. So they’ve never gotten over it. So here’s a little bit from PMSNBC on Sunday, the Joy Reid program. She’s got some author, Nicole Hemmer — Messengers of the Right: Conservative Media and the Transformation of American Politics — and the question to Nicole Hemmer: “Is the conservative media trying to make the kinds of choices about the way that they’re covering these Democrat nominees based on who they think would be more helpful to Trump in the election?”

HEMMER: Sure. Of course. They’re trying to figure out how best to sow chaos within the Democratic ranks. It is something that, you know, Rush Limbaugh has done this through several election cycles, just to kind of like —

REID: He’s been an utter failure at it, by the way.

(snickering and crosstalk)


REID: Operation Chaos never works.

HEMMER: Right!

REID: Yeah, it never worked.

RUSH: Then why are you worried about it? Operation Chaos. It did work. It worked so well that you people got frightened by it and made a movie in which you were paranoid about it. Anyway, they’re worried about something like that happening again because the Democrat field is… Folks, these people are nuts. It’s not enough just to say that they’re colorless or dull or boring. All of that’s true. They’re just nuts, and they are clearly miles and miles and miles away from the American mainstream.

It is a haunting reality to people. So they’re worried here that I and others might try to shape events in the upcoming Democrat primaries to engineer a victory by whatever Democrat we think would be the biggest doormat for Trump — and they’re worried about it. Even though they claim such things have never worked, they’re still talking about it, doing pieces on it.

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