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RUSH: Democrats are starting to get nervous, starting to get a little angry, a little antsy out there at Nancy Pelosi. Laura Litvan, who is a Senate reporter for Doomberg News, tweeted (this was about an hour and a half ago), “Dianne Feinstein says it’s time for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to send the impeachment articles to the Senate. ‘If we’re going to do it, she should send them over,’ [Feinstein] said. ‘I don’t see what good delay does.'”

And you see where the Turtle said that he’s gonna go ahead and do this trial and not call any witnesses. He doesn’t have to. The Democrats are hoping — (chuckling) they were hoping — that they would be able to fold this Iraqi thing, this Iranian thing into the impeachment process, and that’s kind of blown up on ’em like the Hellfire missile that hit Soleimani’s SUV blew up on him. You know, in the real world, I know they pose a great threat. Don’t misunderstand. But they are a walking calamity.

And I’ll tell you something else. Joe Biden. Joe Biden has had a pretty free run here as a presidential candidate. All of the gaffes have been overlooked, all of the news about his really weird kid. This Hunter Biden guy? This is a weird dude, folks. This is just weird. Stealing the identity of his dead brother and then to marry the guy’s wife, not to mention the Ukraine business. Oh! Did you se, there was an earthquake near an Iranian nuclear facility? Do you think that’s an accident? I wonder.

Did you also see a Ukrainian airline crash landed in Iran? Of all the airlines to crash land into Iran, Ukraine? People are gonna start asking themselves, “What the hell is with Ukraine? We can’t turn around without Ukraine being in the news,” and then Hunter Biden. Anyway, Plugs was at a thing last night and on three different occasions, confused Iraq with Iran. He meant to say “Iran” and said “Iraq,” and meant to say “Iraq” and said “Iran.” He’s getting ’em confused, and he’s had a free run up ’til now because the Drive-Bys have been very protective of him, of these kinds of gaffes.

‘I’ll guarantee, you let Trump do that. Let Trump make any kind of an average Joe Biden gaffe, and they’re all over him with stories. “Is he losing his mind?” “Is dementia setting in?” You know, all these kinds of things that they’re covering up and hiding and not even broaching with Biden. But now that Crazy Bernie is gaining ground, there is some legitimate fear in the Democrat Party, not just on our side the aisle.

There’s legitimate fear that Crazy Bernie could literally win the nomination, and the fear is multifaceted. It’s fear over his policies. It’s fear that he would… Some think that he would lose in a gigantic landslide to Trump. But the bottom line is, for a party, the Democrats — who have spent the last three years and counting trying to destroy Donald Trump, trying to ruin his future political prospects. I mean, they’ve literally tried to destroy his career and his life and his family. They are probably feeling pretty impotent now.

Do you realize that it was only just a few minutes ago that the first Democrat reacted to the Iranians launching their impotent missiles last night? It was Hakeem Jeffries, and it was some blathering on about how Trump’s unfit, “Trump better come tell Congress what he’s gonna do. He can’t just keep doing this kind of stuff. He can’t just keep talking this way without consulting us.” Even though they won the House… You know, these things are all cyclical. I’m telling you today; it could change tomorrow. Today, Pelosi’s sitting on the articles. The articles are not amounting to a hill of beans anyway.

Feinstein’s saying, “Where are they?” The Turtle is saying, “Bring ’em on. We’re not even gonna call any new witnesses.” Josh Hawley, Missouri, with a resolution to dismiss the charges off the bat because it’s got nothing to it. Nothing has gone the way they dreamed it. Nothing has gone the way they planned it. Nothing has gone the way they envisioned it. But most importantly, you know what’s missing? Public opinion. They’re driving public opinion away. They are not creating public opinion on their side.

And this is what they thought was the bird in the hand. They believe that since they have the media, that they can control public opinion and they can pull levers and change it. And they have launched every weapon they know. They have used everything in their arsenal, and it’s gone — in most cases — the exact opposite of their intentions. Now they’ve impeached Trump, and there’s nothing earth-shattering about it.

People are not acting like it’s a momentous, monumental thing. It’s just another one of the crazy stunts the Democrats have tried and bombed out with. Meanwhile, these areas — in some cases rural but exurban areas outside Democrat cities in states that Trump won, such as Pennsylvania West Virginia — do you realize all of these areas are becoming redder? And many of these communities are home to massive union populations, and they’re all trending toward Trump now.

And a large explanation for that is the Democrats and their climate change and their running around with energy policy, with Biden telling coal miners, “Hey! Hey! You know, if you can go down 200 feet in a coal mine, learn to code, for God’s sake.” It’s not that learning to code’s a bad thing. It’s the obvious lack of any concern. The Democrats are happily talking about people losing their jobs — union people losing their jobs — because of their energy policies.


RUSH: Audio sound bite 22. This is Gerry Connolly, Democrat, Virginia, after the White House briefing on the hit on Qassem Soleimani.

CONNOLLY: Without commenting on content, my reaction to this briefing was it was sophomoric and utterly unconvincing — and I believe more than ever, uh, the Congress needs to act to protect the constitutional provisions about war and peace.

RUSH: What?

CONNOLLY: I believe there was no rationale that could — could pass a graduate school thesis test.

RUSH: What?

CONNOLLY: I was, well, utterly unpersuaded about any evidence about the imminence all of threat that was new or compelling.

RUSH: They just handle it! They just can’t handle an American victory. They can’t handle a successful military operation, and they certainly can’t handle a successful Trump operation. (impression) “It was utterly sophomoric. Whoever gave us the data was an idiot!” Snerdley, there it is on Fox right now. There’s the video that I saw last night. See the cheap, SD quality? That’s all it was, looped over and over to make it look like a hundred missiles.

That was not a part of it. They don’t show any of the hits. They just showed the launches. “I believe there was no rationale that could pass a graduate school thesis for explaining why this took place”? Gerry Connolly, by the way, looks like he would be right at home in the Star Wars bar scene. Back to the phones we go. This is Scott in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Great to have you. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Hey, how you doing? That sound bite there feeds right into my point. These events over the last week are just another example of why no one should be surprised by the unhinged, irrational behavior of Democrats and the mainstream media. Every Donald Trump success turned them more and more useless, completely neuters them, and is just one more nail in the Democrat coffin. The more conservative policies and principles that get enacted are causing Democrats to fear for extinction.

RUSH: You know —

CALLER: They’re literally panicked for their existence.

RUSH: Well, I think it’s a good point. How hard is it…? It’s obviously impossible. It’s obviously impossible for these people to join together and either acknowledge — just acknowledge! They don’t even have to celebrate it. Just acknowledge an American success, acknowledge a successful operation. They can’t even do that! They gotta characterize the briefing as “utterly sophomoric,” and, “Why, it wouldn’t even pass a graduate school thesis.” Graduate school thesis?

Folks, I don’t know. These people must think that Twitter is majority public opinion. They must think that their base is representative of a majority of thinking in the country. In other words, they must believe that a majority of Americans resents this, opposes this, is afraid of this, is not fooled by this. Otherwise, why do this? They can’t even come together! I’ll tell you, it’s a sad thing, but the observation: We don’t even have a common citizenship in this country, even. We don’t even have that in common.

Everyone talks about have the ability to cross the aisle, cooperate with the other side to get things done, to show people that Washington can function. What is there in common? They clearly do not think they have anything in common with us, and worse than that, they don’t want to have anything in common. The poisonous ravages of hatred are just on display every time a Democrat in Washington opens his or her mouth.


RUSH: The Democrats, they’ve got nothing left. They got no ideas, they got no successes, they have no future, they have no policies. They have nothing positive. They can’t even come together and agree it was a good thing to do to take out Soleimani. Trump has taken everything from them.

So all they’ve got is to claim that a briefing on the operation was sophomoric, that Trump is stupid, that this is brain science here that we’re talking about? I don’t have time to take the call, but we’ve got caller, apparently Nikki Haley has pointed out that the ChiComs and the Russians are not complaining about our action, that the only complaints are coming from the Democrats, and that has apparently set them off like crazy. But it’s true. The Democrats are the only people complaining about what Trump did.


RUSH: Ilhan Omar wearing the turban talking about how the briefing was worthless and we’re no safer than we were yesterday, and we don’t know that taking out Soleimani meant anything. I hope these people keep talking.

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