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RUSH: The Democrat Party’s getting really, really worried now that Bernie Sanders could win the Democrat nomination.  And the thing to keep in mind about that is that the Obama administration people despise the guy, and they have not been able to stop him.  A lot of people… You ought to be very concerned. We all ought to be very concerned about it because the guy is nuts.

He looks like this cranky old grandfather kind of Looney Tune that you tolerate at holidays, and he may be that. But he’s also committed to this fully socialist agenda that would destroy everything we just described about the pinpoints of greatness in this country — great military, great economy. There is no way either literally survive as they are if somebody like Bernie Sanders is actually elected.  So we’ll have to delve into that.


RUSH: The Democrat Party right now is… They’re very worried, folks, about Crazy Bernie.  Up ’til now, amazingly so, the frontrunner — without any question about it — has been Biden.  There have been pockets of surprise here and there.

You’ve had Bloomberg get in, show up at number three after a very little time in the campaign.  The big news is that Judge Judy is gonna join Bloomberg out on the campaign trail.  I just… (sigh) Anything can happen, but I don’t see Bloomberg getting the Democrat nomination.  He’s not radical left enough. Well, he actually is, but they don’t know it.  But he’s not gonna get it.  There’s one big reason why he’s not gonna get it, and it has nothing to do with policy, it has nothing to do with party, has nothing to do with politics.

And I don’t even want to tell you why because… (interruption) Yeah, that’s it.  That’s it. He doesn’t have a prayer. He doesn’t have a prayer, because of one thing that has nothing to do policy, party, politics, anything of the sort.  It may be unfair; it may be unjust.  But it is a reality that exists today in our TV culture.  He does not have a prayer. It doesn’t matter how much money he spends, he doesn’t have a prayer.  Well, he might have a prayer depending on who he prays to.

But it’s such a long shot that it’s practically a safe bet to be impossible.  What’s happening out there instead is that Crazy Bernie is creeping up, and this has people in the Democrat Party nervous as they can be — and on the Obama side, they’re livid.  They don’t like this guy at all.  The Obama administration, Obamaites, Obama supporters have no love whatsoever for Crazy Bernie.  So let’s go through some of these stories.  Up first is from… (laughing) It says “New Week” here.

This is the old Newsweek magazine, which, you talk about being obscure? They’re it. But their headline nevertheless sparks an interesting discussion.  “Bernie Sanders Dominates Democratic Candidates Among College Voters, New Poll Shows,” and there’s a poll (I saw it during the break) that a majority of high school students… Well, I don’t know if it’s a majority. A significant percentage of high school students love socialism, which led some people to ask, “Well, how is that possible?”

How is that possible?  Who the hell is teaching ’em!  What do you think…? What do you think most teachers coming out of college today are?  I mean, look, it makes perfect, logical sense.  If you have people that are sympathetic to socialism and communism and they are teachers and they are teaching students, is it any surprise the students would end up being sympathetic?  Throw out everything you know about the evils and the ravages of socialism and communism. Throw it out.

You have to assume the people we’re talking about don’t know a thing about it like you do.  All they know is what they’ve been taught about it, how fair it is and how equitable it is, how equal it is, how nobody’s made fun of and nobody’s laughed at. Nobody’s better than anybody else. Everybody has the same amount of stuff and everybody’s concerned about the same things.  There’s no competition. There’s no winners. There’s no losers.

This is what young people have been taught socialism is — and communism’s even better.

So a poll here. This is the “Chegg election tracker survey of Democrat or Democratic Party-leaning undergraduates across the U.S. saw Sanders close out of the year with 38% support… In addition to holding the most support of Democrat or Democrat-leaning college students, several general election polls last month also showed Sanders defeating President Donald Trump. An Axios… poll released in early December found Sanders pulled in 22.5% approval from college students of all political affiliations. Trump came in second with 17.3% approval, [Fauxcahontas] was third with 15.9% and Biden fell to fourth place” among college students with just 9%.


RUSH: Washington Examiner editorial: “Bernie Sanders Is Not a Joke.  He’s Dangerous. — Pundits wrote off Sen. Bernie Sanders’s campaign back in October after his heart attack evoked the risks of nominating a candidate who would turn 80 during the first year of his presidency. But since then, Sanders has made a remarkable comeback — and not just in terms of his health.

“Having climbed to second place nationally and raised a whopping $34.5 million in the fourth quarter, [Crazy Bernie] now finds himself leading in New Hampshire and tied for first place in Iowa, according to the latest CBS/YouGov poll. … Sanders’s candidacy is for real, and that means he must be taken seriously.”  He was for real back in 2016 and Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party had that primary rigged against him.

You know, if that thing had not been rigged, if Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and Hillary had not gamed that, he likely would have won the 2016 nomination. And I think he knows it. He was a good soldier, he stood aside, let Hillary have her moment in the whatever. But he’s inching up, he’s inching up nationally now in second place behind Biden.

He’s leading in Iowa. He’s leading in New Hampshire. He’s in third place in South Carolina, second place Nevada, but he’s inching up in all of these places. And the time to be inching up for Crazy Bernie is now.

And here’s the story from the Daily Beast. “Obamaworld Hates Bernie — and Has No Idea How to Stop Him.” Let me ask a question. If the Democrat Party is Obama’s — and it is. It’s not Hillary’s, right? By the way, did you see that Hillary took the job as chancellor of a college in Ireland? That means she’s leaving the country, right? (interruption) She’s not? Oh, it’s just a ceremonial gig? I thought it was a legitimate chancellorship. Oh, okay. I thought she was fleeing the country. I thought there might have been something to that. All right.

Well, anyway, the Democrat Party is not Hillary Clinton’s. It’s Obama’s. And if that’s true, then what would stop an extremely well-funded, radical left candidate from running as a third-party candidate? Crazy Bernie, 78 years old, recovering from a heart attack, if he doesn’t win the Democrat nomination, you think he’s just gonna go away? It’s his last campaign.

You know, a bunch of Crazy Bernie supporters have said on previous occasions if he doesn’t get the nomination they’re voting for Trump. I don’t know how many. I don’t know what percentage. “Former President Barack Obama’s top lieutenants are eager to poke every conceivable hole in Bernie Sanders’ resurgent bid for the Democratic nomination. But ask about a coordinated effort to stop his ascending campaign and you’ll get crickets. Less than a month before voting begins, Obama has declined to” endorse anybody, particularly Biden.

I was the first to tell you, I was the first to tell you that Obama wanted no part of Biden. But he wants no part of Crazy Bernie, either. And don’t be surprised if in the midst of this you continue to hear a name tossed out randomly now and then, Michelle Obama. And when her name is tossed out, it will be along the lines of there’s only one Democrat who can really beat Trump, and that’s Michelle Obama.

And that’s gonna be strategically placed and leaked during the primary process. ‘Cause I’m telling you right now, the smart money, the people that make a living following this stuff, Trump is 70-30 to win reelection, 70-30. There’s also this, I should tell you. There is a line of thinking, 20% says that Trump may not run for reelection.

He will just declare victory, say he has accomplished everything he set out to accomplish and go back to becoming king of the Trump Organization at Mar-a-Lago. Twenty percent, this is nothing formal. It’s barely in one of the betting sites, which will put any proposition up and anybody can then vote on it, but at least it’s out there.

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