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RUSH: Many of President Trump’s Hollywood critics were giddy with excitement Wednesday night celebrating the Democrats passing the two articles of impeachment.

According to The Hill, George Takei, the Star Trek guy, wished his social media followers a “Happy Impeachment Day.” He thanked Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff for doing “the right thing.” Other well-known Trump haters like Rosie O’Donnell joined the impeachment day celebrations.

At least these Hollywood lefties are not wearing black and pretending that this is some kind of sad, solemn, prayerful patriotic act like their Democrat pals in Washington pretend it is. Hollywood is at least openly joyful and happy.

But this happiness, it isn’t going to last. There isn’t going to be a conviction in the Senate. We know that, and even they should know that. The House impeachment articles are so flimsy that Pelosi hasn’t even sent them over to the Senate. Who knows? At this rate, there might not even be a Senate trial. There shouldn’t be in my humble opinion.

So while Hollywood liberals might be happy today, guess what? After all is said and done, President Trump is still gonna be president. And we’ll be smack-dab into the 2020 election season with Trump supporters energized like never before.

We’ll see if these Hollywood types are still celebrating next November 3rd. What are the odds of that, do you think?

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