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RUSH: Now, I may say this, and it may sound like bragging when I say this, but I’m not bragging because, as Babe Ruth said, it ain’t bragging if you can do it. I may be the only guy not surprised Pelosi’s not sending these worthless articles over to the Senate. None of this has ever made sense if you include the fact that Trump is gonna be acquitted. That cancels everything this is about.

So she’s not gonna permit that. She’s not gonna permit an acquittal. This is all about the blemish. This is all about the asterisk. This is all about the black mark. This is all about for 2020. This is all about Donald Trump was impeached, period. Not Donald Trump was impeached and acquitted in a Senate trial. Donald Trump was impeached. And she is counting on the fact that the idiocy of her base will think that means that Trump has been claimed illegitimate and unqualified and mission accomplished. That’s it.

This has never made sense. It is never made sense when you throw every likelihood into it. They do these articles of impeachment, they go over to the Senate, they have a trial, Trump’s acquitted. What do they accomplish? Literally nothing. The worst outcome in any event, the worst outcome possible for her is for Trump to be acquitted.

So how do you prevent that? You claim exactly what I said her out was gonna be. You refuse to send the articles and why? Because the Republicans are racist, sexist, bigots, homophobes, and they’re unfair, and they’re partisan, and there won’t be a fair trial. She’s not even gonna announce who her House managers are, the prosecutors, until she gets a lowdown on how the Senate’s gonna conduct itself. It’s none of her business. She has not a single thing to say about how the Senate does things, zilch, zero, nada. All she can do is try to force Chuck You Schumer into doing her bidding, which probably he would do, but she can’t tell McConnell to do anything.

The only way she can get what she ultimately wants is to make sure there isn’t a trial, because if Trump is acquitted then all of this is out the window. She’s already got a big enough problem by not sending those articles over because why? Well, Trump is such an immediate threat, we couldn’t wait. We couldn’t wait to do this. We couldn’t take the normal amount of time. We couldn’t take the 14 months it took for Nixon, because Trump represents such an existential threat to the country, to the Constitution, to the Moon, to Mars, to climate change, you name it, we gotta get rid of him.

Now they got the articles, and what? Why, Mitch McConnell has become the threat. McConnell is the threat. We can’t let McConnell get involved in this, Pelosi’s saying. Mitch McConnell is the threat? Yes, that’s right, ma’am, because Mitch McConnell would oversee the acquittal. Now, there are other reasons why she’s not gonna send these articles over there. They’re bogus! They’re fake! This was a fake impeachment to go along with fake news. Everything about it is political.

I have to tell you, McConnell was better today than I have seen him in years, nuking Pelosi from the floor of the Senate. We have the audio sound bites coming up. But, man. I’m actually feeling kind of puffed up here today because she’s doing exactly what I told her her out was. Now, look. I did not predict nor advise her not to send the articles over. But I told her her out was to blame it all on the Republicans. It can’t get a fair process. The Republicans are partisan. The Republicans are racists. The Republicans are bigots. The Republicans’ minds are made up. She’s saying all of that.

She’s really focusing on (imitating Pelosi), “McConnell’s already said there’s gonna be a fair trial. Well, I’m not gonna participate in this.” She is taking the only route she’s got. They got what they want. They got Donald Trump impeached. In fact, Chris Cillizza sent a tweet out last night, “Mission accomplished.” He says — I’m paraphrasing because I didn’t bother wasting the time to print it, but his tweet says something along the lines of, “From now to eternity, the first paragraph in everything written about Donald Trump will say Donald Trump, quote, impeached in his first term.”

That’s mission accomplished. That’s what they wanted. It is, they think, a necessity for hastening along their 2020 campaign. By the way, over on that side, there’s a Democrat debate tonight that I can’t find anybody who even remembered it was on, much less that wants to watch it. And now the long knives for Biden are coming out. Now there are doctors saying this guy’s got health problems that are being covered up, he’s got a heart problem. Yeah, separate Stack for that.

They’re really unloading on Biden here, but they don’t want Trump to have anything to do with dispatching Biden, i.e., this so-called stuff with Ukraine, which I’m gonna take another stab at putting that in perspective today what this is all about. A lot to do today, folks. It’s not slowing down. It is speeding up.

So here we are. Nancy Pelosi: Donald Trump’s gotta go. He’s an existential threat. We can’t wait. She’s got her articles of impeachment. Now she’s not gonna send ’em over. Ha-ha. Mitch McConnell’s the problem. There’s no way she wants an acquittal. And what she means when she says, “I’m not even gonna assign any managers” — prosecutors — “until I find out how Senate’s gonna do this.”

Well, that’s none of her business. All she’s really saying is she’s not gonna send those things over there if it appears that there’s gonna be an acquittal. Because that cancels out everything they’re doing here. It really isn’t any more complicated than that. In fact, let’s go to some Pelosi sound bites. We’ll start last night during a press conference after voting on impeachment last night, which, yeah, I had it on. I had it on. I watched it. It seems surreal to me.

It all seems scripted, on the Democrat side especially, and it was chock-full of just one lie after another. And I’ll tell you, folks, one other observation here before we get to the Pelosi sound bite. And this is a repetition of a point that I made probably earlier this week, maybe last. They released these comments last night the Democrats made, this is all about 2016. They are simply not letting go of Trump meddled in the election, helping Russia, benefiting. No matter the Mueller report, no matter any of the facts, that’s literally what they’re harping on, which tells me that they focus grouped all of this, and of all of the things they’ve got that might stand any kind of prayer at all, that remains it. This Ukraine stuff obviously is not polling well. It’s not testing well.

It’s not focus-grouping well. They’re back to this, because they can’t give it up. They’re too committed to it and so immersed in it. But that’s really it. When you strip away all of the complaints these people voice, they’re still prosecuting that, still trying to make people believe that the 2016 election was illegitimate, that Trump is illegitimate. Ukraine blew up on ’em. It’s just not panned out the way they intended when Trump released the transcript.

So here is Pelosi from last night. This is after the impeachment vote.

PELOSI: We have legislation approved by the Rules Committee that will enable us to, uh, decide how we will send over the articles of impeachment. We’re not sending it tonight because it’s difficult to determine who the managers would be until we see the arena in which we will be participating.

RUSH: The arena is Senate! No, no. This was the first indication. I saw this last night. I said, “Now it all makes sense. Now it all makes sense.” The one thing I didn’t foresee is holding onto the articles, not sending ’em. But it makes total sense when you realize the last thing that they want is an acquittal. It would blow everything that they’ve done up. It’s the one thing that’s never made any sense to anybody.

Every analyst talking about this has tried to figure out, “What in the world is she doing? This is gonna lead to an acquittal.” Now she’s trying to forestall an acquittal because she’s trying to forestall a trial on the basis that the Senate, led by Mitch McConnell and the Republicans, isn’t fair. It’s partisan.  They’ve already made up their minds and so forth.  Then she scolded the Drive-By Media for asking questions.

PELOSI:  We will make our decision as to when we’re gonna send it when we see what they’re doing on the Senate side.  But that’s a decision that we will make jointly.

REPORTERS: (shouting questions)

PELOSI: Okay, one… Wait, uh… (mumbling) You’re starting to act, like, another country. Don’t shout, okay?  Who’s not gonna shout a question?

RUSH:  Wait a minute, “starting to act like another country”?  I thought Trump had made us another country already.  Now she’s blaming the media for shouting like a bunch of kids.  That’s her technique for not answering questions. (impression) “You stop shouting.  I’m not gonna answer anything.  Don’t shout, okay?  Who’s not gonna shout a question?”

And of course, the press dutifully minds her and behaves.  Now, this morning at her press conference (which happens every Thursday), the CBS chief congressional correspondent, Nancy Cordes, said, “Do you run the risk, as some Republicans have said, of looking like you’re playing games with impeachment if you hold onto the articles for too long?”

PELOSI:  I’ve said what I was gonna say, Nancy.  When we bring the bill, which is… Just so you know, there’s a bill made in order by the Rules Committee that we can call up at any time in order to send it over to the Senate and to have the (pause) provisions in there to pay for the impeachment and then the next step, whatever you want to call it. The trial.  That is where you put the managers.  I was not prepared to put the managers in that bill yet because we don’t know the arena that we are in.  Frankly, I don’t care what the Republicans say.  Any other questions?

REPORTERS: (quietly asking questions)

PELOSI: Not on this subject! I’ve said this is it.

RUSH: (laughing) She’s got nothing! You know, she literally has nothing.  She’s got two fake articles of impeachment that mean nothing, that don’t contain a crime.  Wait ’til you hear McConnell nuke her today and nuke this whole process.  It really was classic.  “I don’t care what the Republicans say.”  Well, wait a minute, now, Madam Speaker. The Republicans are in charge of the so-called arena that you’re waiting to see what it is.  What does that even mean?

“I’m not prepared to put the managers in the bill yet ’cause we don’t know the arena we’re in.”  You know what she’s saying?  “I’m not sending them over there until I know we’re gonna get a conviction.”  That’s what she’s saying, folks.  Do not doubt me on this.  “Until we know the arena, until we know the lay of the land — until we know whether or not Romney can scrounge up enough Republicans to join the Democrats — I’m not sending it over there to get an acquittal.”  That is what this means.

That’s what “the arena” means: The lay of the land.  “I’m not gonna send these articles over there if we’re gonna lose.  I’m not gonna send ’em over there if there’s gonna be an acquittal.  I’m only gonna send ’em over there if I can find out in advance there’s gonna be a conviction.”  Now, we need to keep a sharp eye on any of these RINO Republicans in the Senate who may have heard her signal.  She’s really boxed herself in here, but she can’t send these things over there to lose, folks.

She can’t.

Now she’s got all kinds of explaining to do because (impression), “Donald Trump represented an immediate danger, a clear and present danger to the United States of America and to people, Americans, and our flag. Donald Trump’s gotta go.  We can’t wait! We couldn’t afford to wait.  Time is of the essence.  We’ve been praying.  We’re praying for the president.  We’re praying to God! We’re crossing our hearts and hoping to die with our fingers crossed behind our backs.  We’re doing everything we can because this man represents a terrible, terrible threat to the world, to the Moon, to Mars, to climate change.”

Now all of a sudden, “I’m not sending these articles over there.” What happened to the urgency?  There never was any.  All of this is fake.  It’s as fake as the news has become in the United States.  One more bite. She takes one more question for the purposes of bashing McConnell.  This came from Fox Capitol Hill producer, Chad Pergram.  He said, “Last night you suggested that you’d receive fair process in the Senate.”

PELOSI:  I heard some of what Mitch McConnell said today, and it reminded me that our founders, when they wrote the Constitution, they suspected that there could be a rogue president.  I don’t think they suspected that we could have a rogue president and a rogue leader in the Senate at the same time.  Anybody want to talk about, m… (sputters) Uh, the Mexico trade agreement?

REPORTERS: (silence)

PELOSI: Anybody care about that?

REPORTERS: (silence)

PELOSI: Jobs for the American people?

REPORTERS: (silence)

PELOSI: Progress and — and addressing globalism and the issues? Anybody want to talk about the SALT tax we are passing today, important issues, uhh, that relate to the economic vitality of our communities?

REPORTERS: (silence)

PELOSI: Any other questions?

REPORTER: (coughing)

PELOSI: Because I’m not gonna answer any more questions on this.

REPORTER: (unintelligible)

PELOSI: I’m not going to go there anymore!

RUSH:  And that’s it.  Okay.  So you’re not gonna answer any more questions about impeachment? The press says, “Okay.  Okay.  We won’t ask you any more, then.  Thank you, Madam Speaker.”  She just shuts ’em down.  She’s not gonna answer any more questions on impeachment.  The question was… Look, you hear it here.  She is saying, “Mitch McConnell is partisan. Mitch McConnell is a Republican; he’s unfair.  Mitch McConnell, I can’t…” It’s exactly what I forecast her out would be.

Do you know what McConnell ought to say?  You know what I would love for McConnell to say?  And, by the way, I’m not unhappy with what he said.  I think it’s great.  You’ll hear it coming up.  I think McConnell ought to say something like, “I’ve looked at these articles of impeachment.  I’ve read them front to back.  No reasonable prosecutor would ever bring these two cases to court.  We can’t, in these articles, find any intent on the part of the president to do what he’s alleged to have done.  No reasonable prosecutor…”

I’m just parroting Comey.

I would throw Comey right back in their faces, but that’s me. I’d personally just love to hear it.


RUSH:  So Pelosi impeaches on Wednesday night and does not want to talk about it today, is not gonna send the articles of impeachment to the Senate until she is assured that she will get a conviction.  What is Trump being impeached for?  Nobody can tell you!  “Well, he — he asked a foreign government to interfere in the elections.”  No.  No, he didn’t.  Donald Trump is being impeached for asking questions about the Democrat Party’s potential political nominee.

Donald Trump is trying to find out if his potential political nominee is corrupt, has engaged in corruption.  This is about protecting the Democrat Party’s potential 2020 presidential nominee.  It’s about protecting Biden from actual — well, let me say potential, very likely — criminal behavior and protecting themselves, the Democrats, from the consequences of such criminal behavior.  They are nervous that the Department of Justice has begun asking questions because a massive obstruction of justice took place in the form of the coup.

All Trump has ever wanted is answers to questions about that.

That’s what they are impeaching him for.  They bring in these civil servants and they claim, “Trump is going outside the norms, outside the channels.  He’s engaging in foreign policy where he has no business engaging, and he doesn’t know what he’s doing!” He simply wants to find out what happened to him.  He wants to find out who’s involved in it.  This is why the political tool of impeachment is being used.  The United States government lied to us for three years about Russian collusion that was designed to get rid of Trump and overturn your election.

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