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RUSH: At one of these rallies the Democrats have purchased last night in Los Angeles — pro-impeachment rally — actress-activist Alyssa Milano. Does this woman show up at every one of these? (interruption) She does. Isn’t she one of the Weinstein babes? (interruption)

Is Alyssa Milano one of the one Wein…? (interruption) She — she’s a…? (interruption) Alyssa? Well, what am I saying? (interruption) Elisa? (interruption) Alyssa, L-y…? (interruption) A-l-y-s-s-a. Alyssa. All right. Well, I… (interruption) Okay. (chortle) Excuse me. Alyssa, not Elisa. Anyway, is she one of these #MeToo babes? (interruption) That’s what I thought. They’re all over the place. They are constantly political. Here is what she said at the rally last night…

MILANO: (screaming) Listen to me very carefully! I am angry!

CROWD: (hooting)

MILANO: If he thought Greta was angry, he’s seen nothing yet! I’m premenopausal and I am angry!

CROWD: (screeching)

RUSH: What is it with these women? “I’m premenopausal, and I’m angry, and I’m wearing a vagina hat and I’m angry — and I’m a maaaad woman.” What was it that what’s her name, Judd, said, “nasty woman”? Who was it, Andrea Judd? What’s her name? (interruption) Ramona Judd? Judy Judd? What’s her name? (interruption) Ashley Judd! That’s it. “I’m a nasty woman.” “I am premenopausal. I’ve got my vagina hat on. Grab it, Trump! I dare you.”

They’re going nuts, folks. They are wacko. If he thinks Greta Thunberg is mad? I feel sorry for Greta Thunberg. The Democrats and people like them have destroyed that young girl’s life. They’ve taken away her dreams. They’ve convinced her she’s not got a life span longer than 20 years, all for the advancement of a stupid, bogus political agenda: Climate change. She now hates her parents because of left-wing politics.

I feel sorry for her — and they hoist her up and they use her, knowing that she has autism or Asperger’s as a disability, and they do it on purpose! They do it on purpose. They throw disabled people out there on purpose so as to ensure nobody can dare criticize them. They use them — and when they no longer have any use for ’em, they forget about them, toss them away, throw ’em away. “Go out and find your carbon-neutral trip back home on your own, Greta.”

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