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RUSH: The New York State Attorney General’s office is run by a bunch of out-of-control leftists. In October 2018, they filed the first “climate-change fraud” lawsuit. They accused ExxonMobil of defrauding investors by not coming clean about the financial risk posed by climate change, global warming, whatever.

The New York AG charged ExxonMobil with violating the Martin Act. That’s a state law that doesn’t even require proof of intent to convict a company of fraud against shareholders.

So, the stage was set. An evil fossil-fuel corporate giant would finally be forced to pay the piper for global warming, in a liberal state, using a slam-dunk law. ExxonMobil should have been an easy legal scalp. (A little Elizabeth Warren lingo, there).

But it wasn’t. The New York Supreme Court judge decided the case without a jury. In a scathing ruling, he found that the New York State Attorney General failed to prove “by a preponderance of the evidence” that ExxonMobil was guilty of anything.

Then, after being trounced in court, the New York Attorney General promised to keep holding companies responsible and to “continue to fight to end climate change.”

Even when liberals lose, even when they are proven embarrassingly wrong, they never stop. Reality bites them on the butt all the time, but they’re too unhinged to notice. They are losing though, folks.

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