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RUSH: Folks, I find it absolutely hilarious that Cory Booker and the Democrats are still complaining about the makeup of their own candidates running for president. They’re literally out there wringing their hands over the fact (sobbing) “that Kamala Harris is gone and there aren’t any African-Americans and diversity.

“It’s so bad, and it’s nothing but a bunch of rich white guys that are running for the Democrat nomination.” Well, not all are rich, but they’re all white guys — and, you know, how are they gonna deal with this? No, seriously. Let me tell you how they do deal with this. In the first place, it’s asinine to make a point of it. But they have to because this is what they have been telling their lunatic, deranged base, that America’s strength is in its diversity.

They’ve been telling people to look at people and identify people by virtue of race or gender. In the Democrat Party, people are not people. They’re not human beings. They’re members of groups first. This is called identity politics, and it differs greatly from us. We don’t care who you are. We don’t care who we are. We want everybody to experience the magnificence of the opportunity it is to be an American.

We want everybody to succeed, everybody to participate, because we want a great country. We want a great nation of extraordinary things being accomplished by ordinary people. We want people’s dreams occurring and then being fulfilled. The Democrat Party looks out across America and sees a bunch of victims who have no hope, who have no prayer, because the Democrat Party has positioned itself as their savior.

The Democrat Party has told its constituents they have no chance unless they let the Democrat Party do things for them. I literally don’t understand it. Well, intellectually I do understand it, but… (sigh) It depresses me, what they have done to people. It depresses me how they have literally, systematically, purposely set out to destroy ambition and dreams for the sake of their own power. So they’ve set it up.

They have told people, “If you’re a person of color, you’re a victim. You’re screwed. You don’t have a chance. Our party is the only place that you will have a chance. Our party is the only place where you can be protected from all of this evil discrimination and racism and bigotry because our party is the party of diversity. Our party is where women are championed. Our party…” No, they’re not. They’re raped and they’re abused. I mean, seriously.

Epstein, Weinstein, Clinton? For crying out loud, in their party, women are not safe. It’s the exact opposite of what they claim. Anyway, so they get everybody conditioned to believe that whatever minority group they’re talking about, whatever victim, has no chance, no prayer, no hope. America unjust, unfair. America bigoted. America racist. The Democrat Party’s gonna be there to run interference for you.

The Democrat Party’s gonna be there to get even with these rich white guys trying to keep you down, trying to keep you victim, trying to keep you a minority. Then the Democrats announce their presidential field, and it ends up being exactly who they claim are the evil people running America: White guys. And a lot of them are filthy rich. So they’re caught. What do they do? You can tell they know they’re caught because so many of ’em are running around wringing their hands worried.

(sobbing) “It’s so unfortunate. Our party’s better than this! (sniffle) Kamala Harris drops out, and why don’t her voters automatically go over to Cory Booker?” Of course, Tulsi Gabbard, a Russian agent, is responsible — a woman of color responsible for what happened to Kamala Harris! So where does this end up? How do the Democrats think? Let me tell you. They will use this, one of them will — I don’t know who, and I don’t know when. But make book on this that some variation of what I’m going to predict here is going to happen at some point.

Some Democrat will decide that there needs to be some explanation for why there aren’t any people of color left in the Democrat presidential field. They will think they have some explaining to do ’cause they’ve told their voters and their base that the Democrat Party is the party where all of these people of color and different genders — that’s the only place those people have a chance. And then it comes down to the race for the presidency, and there aren’t any people of color.

How do the Democrats explain this to their constituents? They will blame it on Trump. Now, you watch. The way it’ll happen is they will say, “See? This rising tide of white nationalism brought on by Donald Trump is even infecting our party. Trump must go! Trump must go! We must impeach, we must get rid of Trump, because white nationalism is even infecting our own party.” They will portray themselves as victims of Trump.

It will be Trump’s fault that no people of color have survived the Democrat presidential primaries. It won’t be the fault of the candidates for being rotten, lousy candidates. It won’t be the fault of Democrat voters for not automatically choosing minorities as their candidates. But the truths is (chuckles), it’s Democrat voters that are choosing in the Democrat primary, and Democrat voters are rejecting Democrat women and Democrat African-Americans. It’s Democrat voters.

So the Democrats can’t lay the blame for failure at their own feet. So they’ll resort to doing what they always do. They will blame America. They will blame the country. And say that they are needed more than ever to save America from the scourge that is even infecting their own party. So when Cory Booker runs around saying, “Our party’s better than this.” “No, no, no, no! Our party’s got nothing to do with this, Booker. Shut up! This is Trump’s fault, got it?

This is just another reason why Trump has to go, another reason why we gotta impeach Trump because Trump’s white nationalism is causing all kinds of dangerous, gun-toting, angry hayseed hicks to show up and even infect our own primary.” It will be something like this ’cause I know how these people think. And they will do this thinking that they’ll convert some believers with this explanation, ’cause, folks, do you realize how everything is going south on these people?

Not only have they launched everything they think they’ve got at destroying Trump and they can’t even dent Trump, that has so discombobulated them, and it’s just added to their rage and hated. Now, “Diversity is our strength! We’re the party of the downtrodden, the homeless, the thirsty, the different minorities,” and the party looks no different in their presidential primary than the Republican Party looks.

It’s gotta be frustrating to no end for them — and don’t doubt me, it is.

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