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RUSH: This week, Nancy Pelosi led a congressional delegation of Democrats to Madrid to attend a U.N. conference on climate change, global warming, whatever they’re calling it now.

Speaker Pelosi held a press conference to discuss the Paris climate agreement, which President Trump formally withdrew America from last month. Pelosi said that by coming to the Madrid conference, she and her fellow Democrat stooges are telling the world that “the United States is still in” the Paris agreement. (chuckles) But, we’re not.

Technically it will take a year for America to fully withdraw from the Paris agreement. But make no mistake about it: We’re out.

We’re out, because our Constitution says American foreign policy is set by the president, not the speaker of the House. We’re out, because President Trump told the U.N. that we’re out — and despite the repeated coup attempts by Democrats, Donald Trump is still president, not the delusional San Francisco congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.

Now, in normal times, it would be a national outrage if the Speaker of the House ever declared on foreign soil that United States foreign policy as determined by the president is null and void. But we haven’t been in “normal times” since the Democrats had their dreams shattered in 2016, when Trump crushed Hillary Clinton.

I don’t think the Democrats will ever be normal again, and I don’t think we’re ever going to be able to actually get along with them ever again.

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