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RUSH: Have you heard that Bill and Hillary Clinton were regular guests of Epstein’s at that ranch of his in New Mexico? Yes, they were. Both of them! Both of them. Not just Bill, but both of them were guests of Epstein at the ranch.

We haven’t heard much about what went on in the ranch. We’ve heard about the island, we’ve heard about the Manhattan penthouse, and we’ve heard about the fleet of private jets in the Mile High Club there. We’ve not heard much about this in New Mexico, other than the fact that Epstein had a ranch.

Oh, we’ve heard a lot about Prince Andrew. His mommy canceled his 60th birthday party. Oh-oh my, folks. Can you imagine the humiliation among his friends at the sandbox? His mommy canceled his birthday party. I can understand this if you’re 10. If you’re 60 and your mother cancels your birthday party…

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